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  • Alexandre Pauwels
    by Alexandre Pauwels 12 days ago
    Had an awesome time flying cross-country for the first time ever with Doug and Ricky. Flew into Class D airspace (also a first for me) and landed in Hickory, NC. Visited the aviation museum there, talked with the guy maintaining it, learned a lot! Hope to get out there again soon.
  • Fred Snyder
    by Fred Snyder 11 days ago
    Sounds like a great time!
  • Alexandre Pauwels
    by Alexandre Pauwels 11 days ago
    Certainly not as impressive as some of the flights featured here but a great time nonetheless.
  • Charles Moore
    by Charles Moore 10 days ago
    Ditto to what Doug said. I've done flights in summer mid day conditions. It's no small thing getting bounced around flying and landing in those conditions.
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