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Comtronics 9V battery.jpg
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  • Frank Roush
    by Frank Roush 1 year ago
    If you have a Comtronix intercom/radio interface you may have been frustrated with the internal 9V battery going dead, and not understanding why the tower can't hear you. Or maybe like me, you didn't even know it has an internal battery. After all there is a 12V plug in the back (you need both). After removing the case to replace the battery a couple of times (and dropping the screws behind the instrument panel), I decided to route the battery to the outside. Remove the case, pull the battery connector to the outside at the back (there's enough wire), then get a 9V battery clip from Radio Shack and Velcro it down, connect the battery and there it is. Easy to replace or test. And always turn off the device or the battery will go dead. Notice my yellow sticker on the On/Off/Volume knob to remind me.
  • Frank Dempsey
    by Frank Dempsey 1 year ago
    Great idea. I'm so programmed to do this now I don't need the reminder. Mynext investment will be a good A/C radio and Flycom helmets.

    If you accidentally get the toggle switched to 2, you will hear well but cannot transmit. The panel mount version doesn't need the battery as does this version even with 12V external power.
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