Jim Goldman

Jim Goldman

59 years old
West Chester
United States
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    Jim Goldman
    Jim Goldman commented on Larry Mednick's picture.
    It was an honor to have met Mr. Bill, if only briefly. His perpetual happiness and smile were infectious from the moment I met him. He overcame with gusto some challenges that many others would shy away from. If you would like to hear his voice ...
    14 days ago
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    Jim Goldman
    "Jim Goldman" commented on Paul Hamilton's Blog "Helmets and Risk Management for trikes".
    Paul: good post. Risk is something we should identify and try to mitigate as best we can. Paul, you're right: if you want to minimize risk (not mitigate it), don't get out of bed. You take a risk crossing the street, riding in a car, walking into ...
    14 days ago
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    Jim Goldman
    Jim Goldman commented on Paul Hamilton's picture.
    Paul, this is a great photo - nice river scene, nice lighting as sunset approached. I especially like the student pilot in the front seat - he seems to greatly enhance the photo! -Jim
    2 years ago
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    Spencer Forman
    Spencer Forman Activated Jim Goldman's Account.
    2 years ago


KOQN: West Chester, PA
Fly Fast. Land Short.
I also work on "Uncontrolled Airspace," the general aviation podcast.

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