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  • Bill Chance
    by Bill Chance 9 months ago
    Michael, were did you source the fabric from? Did you do the sewing? And do the side panels have zippered storage compartments? Good pattern making for the seats and side panels by the way.
  • Michael Reiter
    by Michael Reiter 9 months ago
    Hey Bill I can't take any Credit for the Fabric or sewing, I have a "Guy". The material is Some outdoor, UV protected, Top secret Nasa stuff, with Nano technology =) He uses this material on Boats, ATV's Snowmobiles, Fairly popular stuff at the fabric store, And has held up extremely well after a year of use.

    And yes two zippered thin pockets on each side enough to holds spare plugs, maps, documents that sort of thing. I wanted to keep the side panels as streamlined as possible. Figured I'll get side bags made one when I need to actually carry stuff
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