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Jeff Blunt

50 years old
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Flying the East Coast Australia MTO Sport & T-Lite


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  • Eric Elbourne
    by Eric Elbourne 6 years ago
    Hey Jeff, how's that new bird of your going, was up at the vineyards on Sunday 12/9/10 saw this red thing coming out of Cessnock around lunch, assumed it was you, looked cool mate nice and controlled, beautiful day for it as well. Catch soon.
  • Jeff  Blunt
    by Jeff Blunt 7 years ago
    A different type of wing. Something a little different. Jeff.
  • Eric Elbourne
    by Eric Elbourne 7 years ago
    Sorry i missed catching up, was suppose to go up on Saturday but Chris rang and mentioned that for circuits blowing too much so didn't get there, Sundays usually busy down here so don't really get too much time on Sundays, I knew soon as I couldn't get there it would be good. I think Brian (is that the NZ guy) he is on limited time i think so getting Chris to go over heaps so that's good, i am sure when i get back from holidays that hopefully the weather is a bit kinder to me for the circuit part of the program. Cheers mate hope to catch up soon, how's the gyro going, looks very cool. Love the colour. Eric
  • Eric Elbourne
    by Eric Elbourne 7 years ago
    Hey Jeff, just noticed the new pic of you and the new Gyro, sweet.
  • Mark Andrews
    by Mark Andrews 7 years ago
    Hi Jeff
    Good to meet with you, I am sure I brought the cold weather back with me.
    My driving holiday worked out well but I will wait a while as 4180 kl is a long way. It's not looking to good for this weekend ' hoping to do some flying with alf this weekend and the following,
  • Mark Andrews
    by Mark Andrews 7 years ago
    Hi Jeff Thanks for your reply & # I will call a few days before I am in your area to confirm I am on my way
    Cheers Mark
  • Mark Andrews
    by Mark Andrews 7 years ago
    Hi Jeff I will be visiting Byron Bay for the Airborne fly in 3 to 5 th Oct and will be headed down to Sydney ( by car ) about the 9th 10th Will you be around ? If so we could catch up. My email address is on my profile page.
    Cheers Mark
  • william olive
    by william olive 8 years ago
    I'm booked in at Bright at the end of October.
    I have flown the Dragonfly, I think you'll like it. Say good day to Jonesey for me too.
  • william olive
    by william olive 9 years ago
    Hello Silly,
    Been getting in the air?