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  • Heather Davis
    by Heather Davis 9 months ago
    What my passengers do when they realize they're going flying with me...
  • Damien B
    by Damien B 9 months ago
    50 shades of yellow
  • Paul Hamilton
    by Paul Hamilton 9 months ago
    WOW. Two beauties in a trike. I know Heather (private pilot trike rating) knows how to fly.
  • Ken Highfield
    by Ken Highfield 9 months ago
    I have to say I have never seen anyone fly blindfolded from the back seat before,
    Must make fore a very exciting flight:)
  • Frank Dempsey
    by Frank Dempsey 9 months ago
    Flying under the hood?
  • Heather Davis
    by Heather Davis 9 months ago
    This is showing my passenger how to keep the shorter hair around the face from fluttering annoyingly before the eyes, caught at a funny moment. :) I'm not sure how IFR in a trike would work out. Is there such a thing as a remote attitude indicator? I see them on the glass panels, but are they reading the wing or the carriage? Anyway, I won't be flying much for awhile. This was the last day before the fires exploded in Sonoma/Napa counties. My town of Petaluma and airport, O69, are currently safe and upwind. Sadly, this is not so for a lot of folks.
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