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  • Jackye  Reynolds
    by Jackye Reynolds 13 days ago
    Looks good Dave! I think I got a shape / template from Janos!
  • Dave Gibson
    by Dave Gibson 12 days ago
    Hey Jackye, The trike pictured is not mine. But it has the same type of windshield set up. I was looking for an advanced way too quickly attach and detach the windshield. Somebody gave me the idea of Dzus fasteners. It actually looks like Dzus fastener might work well in this instance. When I tipped my trike over the windshield actually split in two. But all I needed to do was put both pieces together and trace out the new windshield. Check out this link for a great explanation and demonstration of how a Dzus fasteners works.

    Dave Gibson
    by PHILIP QUANTRILL 12 days ago
    They are very good Dave but rather heavy and strong for simply a screen. Air Creation uses these fasteners for their screen


    Screw (pin) P313020
    Nut (recepticle) P313110

  • Jackye  Reynolds
    by Jackye Reynolds 12 days ago
    On the DeereFly windscreen attachment, my approach was a bit more uh domestic?.
    I used Stainless T nuts, large shoulder screws, and rubber toilet seat washers, all available at the aircraft section of the Home Depot! Epoxied the T-Nuts in place, once all the holes were drilled in the appropriate locations. Sorry no pix of the process.
  • Dave Gibson
    by Dave Gibson 12 days ago
    Ha Ha, that's awesome Jackye.
    I hadn't thought of Home depot as haveing an aircraft section LOL I love it.
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