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Dane HAUSER (www.sky-surfing.com)

44 years old
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Clearwater Beach, FL
United States
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-President Sky Surfing Inc flight school
-Chief flight instructor for Evolution Trikes and Tampa Bay Aerosport.
-Test pilot for Evolution Trikes
-Airshow demo pilot

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  • Victor Agadzi
    by Victor Agadzi 5 years ago
    Hi Dane,

    I agree with you whole heartedly. U are absolutely right. Facts are facts. Trikes do require some upper body strenght especially in adverse conditions. I nearly died during my solo, on liftoff when I got hit by a gusty crosswind/windshear on takeoff during my first solo crosscountry requiremnt. It took all my strenght and little trike experience to evade death. Immediately after liftoff, I found myself at 90degrees to the runway and even worse, facing a hangar. I somehow mustered enough strenght to hold the wing and do the right thing by powering up to FULL THROTTLE to clear the hangar and eventually survived to live another day. Many years later, I gave it up mainly due to insufficient time to fly and whenever i did want to go up, it was gusty or pretty windy since i lived on a bay. Trikes are trikes and do have certain limitations that each and every triker needs to know of, and be aware of his or her own limits. I personally would discourage my wife from ever flying a trike since she has absolutely no upper body strenght and would be incapable of corrective actions in an emergent situation like one I experienced. For her, and even for me, considering the weather in our area and regular gusty/windy conditions, a gyro may be the way out...I'm sorry to hear of the tragic loss of life.. May her soull rest in everlasting peace and fly high in the sky..