Jason Padgett

Jason Padgett

48 years old
Oak Ridge, NC
United States
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Rain, rain, go away. I want to fly today.



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I'm a divorced father of two boys 11 and 12. I just got into flying and I'm working on my Sport Pilot license. I just got my solo endorsement this past month (Oct 2008) and I just took my first cross country flight today (11-01-08). I'm co-owner of an Airborne XT-912. I am based out of N83 Butler Airfield near Oak Ridge, North Carolina, USA. I own an auto repair garage but my passion is photography. You can check out my photos at www.flickr.com/photos/davezack.

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  • Doug Boyle
    by Doug Boyle 9 years ago
    Jason, Happy Birthday old man; you're catching up with me....
  • Den Triker
    by Den Triker 9 years ago
    Doug, I really like the N912XT. I bought it from Terri a couple of years ago. Great on the sportlight progress. I am a GA pilot that now has a sportlight endorsement. Love flying trikes!! Take care, Den
  • Doug Boyle
    by Doug Boyle 9 years ago
    It was my pleasure, Jason. Now, we have to concentrate on getting the written passed so Jonny can finish you up this month or next.
  • Jackye  Reynolds
    by Jackye Reynolds 9 years ago
    Congratulations Jason!
    Did you guys fly to Sanford/Lee County?
    Wish I could've been there too!
    Enjoy the view!
  • Doug Boyle
    by Doug Boyle 9 years ago
    Welcome Jason, Congratulations on your solo!