Jack Jensen

Jack Jensen

74 years old
Wethersfield, CT
United States
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is waiting for some good weather so I can get back in the air..



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    Jack Jensen
    Jack Jensen commented on Barry Maggio's Video.
    Barry, great video. Too bad you did not come farther up river to Wethersfield. I have wanted to get out flying but my field is covered with snow. Can you tell me what camera you were using? Also I love the music. So dramatic. Hope you don't ...
    4 years ago
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    Jack Jensen
    Jack Jensen commented on Barry Maggio's wall:
    Barry, There is a ferry between Rocky Hill and Glastonbury. I fly out of a turf farm just north of the ferry on the west side of the river. I get out once every 2 or 3 weeks, usually very early in the morning when it is dead calm.
    5 years ago
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    Jack Jensen
    Jack Jensen commented on Barry Maggio's Video.
    Barry, Where was this taken. I know where Westover is, but where did you take the train shots.
    5 years ago


Learned about "trikes" in the spring of 2007. Ordered a Raven (Part 103) in June 2007. Learned to fly over the summer. Took delivery of the Raven in September 2007 and have been having a ball ever since flying out of a turf farm in the flood plain of the Connecticut River.

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  • dave reid
    by dave reid 6 years ago
    Jack I am in Canton and boat on the connecticut river. Have to put a deposit on a trike before the end of december for spring delivery. How did you learn to fly you trike? I have a private pilots license but am told I will need training. Ordered a DVD. Will be flying 103 checked out your videos. Would like to go flying with you and others in connecticut. Likes and dislikes of trikes wings or engines would be helpful. Could have my training done by spring. Thanks
  • ritchie white
    by ritchie white 8 years ago
    Hi Jack...yes, it is in fact a golf 'links' and you are right about the wind. The point seen on my downwind to 04 is called Cape Foulwind.
  • Brian Von Richthofen
    by Brian Von Richthofen 8 years ago
    I am really sorry if I doubled up on this post but I am having a hard time hard time following when I am sending a message back to someone so I am posting this on your wall in hopes that you get it. Let me know if you did get the other one please so I don't make the same mistake again.

    Thanks for the concern about my Dad. He and I were really close. He actually got his private pilot license when he was about 20. He was 67 when he passed. But with pressures from family life he let it laps soon after his first solo. Renewed it when I was about 15 for about a year. Life went on again. I have always had the bug to fly and tried several exploratory flights in small craft. Did not like a one. Saw an UL on discovery and researched it further then went on a couple test flights, just loved it! It was what I always felt flying should be like. So I bought one and got trained. My Dad actually came to Arizona to watch me train some. I had the instructor take him up for an hour and he loved it also. So anyway, I live in Las Vegas, he lived in Washington state. I told him I wanted to bring it up to my place up there. (He sold me a couple acres of his land) That way he could get trained and I would leave it there for him to fly. I had made it a point to visit him 4-6 times a year anyway. We had the hanger placed and got the trike up there for him. It was the best thing I think I ever did for him, he loved it. I discovered his flight log in the hanger when I went back up, I now have it. I never did get to see him fly it. But am glad I did not delay!

    I will talk to you soon.

  • Brian Von Richthofen
    by Brian Von Richthofen 8 years ago
    Hi jack. I am missing flying so much. I took my trike up to Washington for my father to learn how to fly it, he did and flew 3.5 hours and passed away. I have lost interest since then but sure am getting the bug again. I love your trike and would like to request you as a friend so i can keep track of you. l really like that your trike does not have the bar in the front, I bet that makes the view so much better. Keep up the great flying and videos!
  • Silas Leite
    by Silas Leite 9 years ago
    great Jack, thanks have nice fly.