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  • Paul Hamilton
    by Paul Hamilton 11 months ago
    Warren getting ready to get out of there after short break
  • Paul Hamilton
    by Paul Hamilton 11 months ago
    Warren has an interesting conclusion to his training and Checkride here in Carson City. He bought a new Airborne Trike. Came up to get his Sport Pilot Certificate, and went through the training for his LSRM (FAA Maintenance) rating. Here he is the next flight after checkride at Reno International getting his Class B,C,D airspace endorsement.

    Now here is the next interesting part of his story. His next flight was a 2 day cross country over the Sierras (Reno to Sacramento), down the middle of California to overnight in Bakersfield. Then over/through the Los Angeles area airspace to land at his Class D airspace under Class B in San Diego.

    Warren will be cranking out his hours with his next step Trike CFI. Warren, you are incredible and we welcome you to triking as a new full time way of life. Thanks for coming to me for your training I am honored to get you going.
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