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Old guy, flew trikes for about 7 years, in the early days. Started with Rotax 277 trike, converted HG wing, (early Nanotrike) finished up, via a cuople of others with Rotax 582 Airborne Edge trike.

Now getting back into the sport, getting some dual on Airborne 912, Cruze wing.
Like low and slow.
Background, Air traffic Control, .

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  • Carlito Frias
    by Carlito Frias 7 years ago
    Airborne Cruze? Air Traffic Control? Now I see why the questions on the Airborne Merlin as well as the "Seconds from Disaster" questions. Where do you live, Jim? Do you have canyons nearby you would like to fly into?

    Welcome back to the sport! First you gotta scope out the place you intend to fly low into- from a high vantage point. Then fly lower and lower. Make sure you are able to maintain your altitude as you navigate the S turns in the canyon. That your Trike is flying slow enough, you don't slam into the canyon wall because you are unable to make the turn. Meaning to say, the canyon is wide enough to allow you to maneuver.

    Once you spend more and more hours on your plane, you become ONE WITH IT. And you can start enjoying the thrill of the ride and not think too much about the flying part of it. Fly safe, have fun.