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If the Atlanta trikers are flying to trike fest, stop at Jasper airport, for A brake and to fill those baby s up Ill have cold drinks and coffee TRIKE MIKE



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I am a CFI and owner of Fly Hard Trikes, Inc. I manufacture the Sky Cycle, part 103 legal trike. Sky Cycle has won awards for the last 5 years, so I am very proud of that! I train students at Marion County Airport in Jasper, TN. I've been a trike pilot for 14 years now.

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  • Michael Theeke
    by Michael Theeke 7 years ago
    Hi Rizwan, Thanks for accepting my friend request! I actually bought the Sky Cycle business from GT Ultralights (aka Lookout Mountain Flight Park) back in 2006. I took the already great design and tweaked it here and there, updating features and improving the performance and look. I reintroduced the micro light just last year and named it Sky Cycle Fire Fly. They come with a one cylinder engine and are weighing in less than 100 lbs. It's a super soaring machine! I brought the price down too. Fire Fly won Best Commercial Trike at Sun N Fun last year! I enjoy building so much. I love allowing my clients to design their own color scheme, which we call "Sky Candy".
    Have you been flying much this year?

  • Rizwan Bukhari
    by Rizwan Bukhari 7 years ago
    Mike, tell me more about your trikes, I love the idea of light trikes, few years ago when I was searching for trikes, I came across two different kinds of skycyles, one was manufactured by you and the other one by GT Ultralights (they don't have them anymore). I would like to know more about your trikes, how did you get in manufacturing trikes etc, that would be great.