Winterizing the Four Stroke 912

Published by: Rizwan Bukhari on 12th Nov 2017 | View all blogs by Rizwan Bukhari


Hi all,


I bought my Four Stroke 912 trike about a year ago and now that the winter is approaching. I was wondering how do you Winterize your Rotax 912 engines?


In the past winters, I have had a habit of starting my trike once every two to three weeks during the winter time.


But if I don't plan on starting it for a few months, what precautions and Winterization process should I adopt.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.







  • Andy Hughes
    by Andy Hughes 7 months ago
    Pull the air filters after you have warmed up the engine. With the engine at low idle spray fogging oil into the carbs for 5-10 seconds. Engine may stall, turn off mags and spray other carb. Put a rubber plug into the exhaust reinstall air filters. Check the antifreeze to make sure its good for -45. Spray lube oil on cable ends don't worry about over spray it will wash off on the spring. With lube spray, spray oil cooler and rad to lightly cover for anti corrosion. Drain carbs of fuel. You can pick up the fogging spray at any automotive parts retailer. Place a few Bounce sheets on the top of the engine it discourage mice. I don't drain and replace the oil and filter until the spring as moisture/condensation could find its way in oil reservoir. wrap with a tarp and kiss good night for the winter. Andy
  • Todd Halver
    by Todd Halver 7 months ago
    Riz - don't winterize it, fly it!. Get some heated gear and get that bad boy in the air. I love flying in the winter.
  • Andy Hughes
    by Andy Hughes 7 months ago
    Tod, your from N. Carolina, lol... Your average low temp in February is 33 deg/f. I flew today, was 26 deg/f was up for over an hour, we haven't hit winter yet. We drop to 2deg, cold as fUkC. What was your temp today, 55 deg? Flying in the winter??? All kidding aside I am glad you had fun. Here in the frozen north its just too dam cold for anything but a 45min blast. Its hard on the machinery. Andy.;
  • Abid Farooqui
    by Abid Farooqui 7 months ago
    Get an enclosed AR-1 gyroplane for the winter with cabin heat. Bonus is no turbulence effect
  • Henry Trikelife
    by Henry Trikelife 7 months ago
    I've never heard of winterization on 912 engine. Just start the engine once or twice a month.
  • Jozinko Sajan
    by Jozinko Sajan 7 months ago
    I always applied a fuel stabilisator into tank. Nothing else. Yes a battery have to be full charged.
  • Kevin Szalapski
    by Kevin Szalapski 7 months ago
    I have read that it is a good idea to pre-heat the oil if you are planning on starting the 912 engine at Temps below 20 degrees F. So starting the engine twice a month should be preceded by heating the oil up, if temp is below 20 degrees F. I have used a heating pad wrapped around external sump and set to HI. This takes a while, but does heat up the oil. Make sure to remove before starting.
  • Todd Halver
    by Todd Halver 7 months ago
    Ha Andy! Riz lives in Idaho where average temperature is 52°F. But -2 F, that's another story.
  • Andy Hughes
    by Andy Hughes 7 months ago
    Tod, that is funny! Riz, WTF? Thought you were in Alaska or some were cold! You could keep that trike winterized with one birthday candle in the middle of a 10,000 sq/ft warehouse with your average temps. I flew today, have logged 16 hrs in this super fun sport. Today rocked, was warm 45 deg/f @ 1000'. You can see the ice on the sea wall. Tomorrow rain is going to hit us. I posted a few shots on Face Book Microlight site. Not dissing this one but it looks goofy to post on every site. This is my weather for tomorrow. Regards, Andy.
  • Paul Hamilton
    by Paul Hamilton 6 months ago
    Best to fly with heated gear in the winter. Better for aircraft and pilot proficiency. If I was going to fly less in the winter I would use AVGAS 100LL which can last much longer. MOGAS/Auto gas goes bad fast and fresh gas should be used if left for more than 3 to 5 weeks. Starting up with bad MOGAS can be worse than leaving it.
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