Gary Taylor

Gary Taylor

55 years old
Houghton Regis
United Kingdom
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Flying in the rain has never been warmer in a Skyranger



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    herbal sejagat .
    herbal sejagat . commented on Gary Taylor's wall:
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    5 months ago
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    Gary Taylor
    Gary Taylor Flying in the rain has never been warmer in a Skyranger
    2 years ago
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    Gary Taylor
    Gary Taylor Sold up .... moving on to fixed wing !!
    4 years ago
    • Arthur Thompson
      Arthur Thompson Guess I am just lucky. I moved to fixed wing but wife has an ATF so I get both worlds.
      4 years ago
    • Mike-in- Thailand
      Mike-in- Thailand You'll have moments when you'll wish you had kept Gunny - take my word for it. But, 3-axis better for x-countries:)
      4 years ago
    • Gary Taylor
      Gary Taylor yea mike you are right i am sure, but yesterday, a mate insured me on his Flexi so i now have best of both worlds.. lovely jobbley
      4 years ago
    • Gary Taylor
      Gary Taylor Well, built a Skyranger Swift, learned to fly it, great fun
      2 years ago
    • Mike-in- Thailand
      Mike-in- Thailand Great - send some photos :)
      2 years ago


My name is Gary Taylor, but most of the people that know me, call me GT. As far as i can remember i have been interested in aircraft. When i was 13 years of age i joined the ATC cadets and was introduced to the Air Force.

At 16 i joined the RAF, and for 12 years i was an RAF Fire Fighter, hitching rides in all types of aircraft i could get in.

From those early years i always wanted to learn to fly, but could not afford it as it was beyond my reach.

However, recently as some of you know i have taken up Trike Flying, and now own a P&M GT450, and her name is Gunny, as she is coloured gun metal grey.

I lookforward to many years of microlighting, hope to see you at a flyin one day.

Happy Landings

GT & Gunny

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  • Mike-in- Thailand
    by Mike-in- Thailand 8 years ago
    Hi Gary, how's it hangin? Did your son ever get his apprenticeship sorted out? Last time we spoke it was all looking pretty shite. I hope the weather's gonna be kind to you in 2010 - so far it's been good here but right now we have high winds although, I don't know if you call 12 kts high in UK(?) Anyway it's high enough for me. Last night I flew and it was like sitting on a champagne cork in a flushing toilet. Cheers, Mike.
  • Silas Leite
    by Silas Leite 9 years ago
    Dear GT
    It is with great pleasure, can chat with people friendly and confident that everything besides trike like that here in Brazil are starting with a double wing surface, and I just bought a wing of here, but I'm adjusting, being different from surface of single, thank you for your attention, and congratulations on videos and films to be able to continue putting their trikes and admire beautiful place.
    big hug
    sorry i dont speak english well
    Silas Leite
  • Silas Leite
    by Silas Leite 9 years ago
    Hello, Gary
    congratulations for the photos,
    I would like to find out what effect the flight gives the winglets on the edge of the wing?
  • Gary Taylor
    by Gary Taylor 9 years ago
    Latest News.
    Today i passed the Nav Exam, boy that was hard going, also completed another dual cross country with Rob, and he said i can be let out further a field from Plasitows, when i return from Germany.
    Waaaaaaaaaaaaaay yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah