Andy Abrams

Andy Abrams

48 years old
Kingsland, TX
United States
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I had been out of flying since 1993. I am a Commercial Pilot with expired CFI, CFII, MEI...just getting into triking. I have started the path to getting my Instructor certificates reinstated. I have also started my LSA Repairman Certification for PPC and WSC. Still have to take the Airplane module.

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  • Christopher  BIG RED  Van Zyl
    Congrats on passing your test!
  • Mark Rubenstein
    by Mark Rubenstein 7 years ago
    Andy, I guess I have been out of the loop or something. I had seen your trike up for sale on Barnstormers and I think here or somewhere else. I knew you had just bought the trike and never really saw you fly it, but try to sell it. (Joe, is this another one of those, get in line "S" stories?)

    I am assuming by what i am reading here, that you still have the Apache???? or was it the Navajo? regardless, I am glad to see you stay in triking after all! If all goes right, this winter (Jan or Feb) I will finally be buying a trike and doing the training in Florida. So Hopefully I will be right behind Andy...errrr, rather hope to be flying NEXT to you! The Texas groups is finally starting to grow! Yea.
  • Joe Swift
    by Joe Swift 8 years ago
    Congratulations Andy! I know it's been a long time coming for you. Well done!

  • B  Alvarius
    by B Alvarius 8 years ago
    Congrats on your success. Battling through the frustration and anxiety can be taxing, but your perseverance paid off. Again congratulations on the sign off.
  • Andy Abrams
    by Andy Abrams 8 years ago
    It's been a long time coming...almost 2 years with my trike in the hangar only to be run on the ground. Thoughts of selling the trike and getting back to GA flying. Somewhat frustrated...BUT...This week all things came together...Trike ...Instructor ...Weather ...1.5 hours in the air working takeoffs/landings over 3 days...Outcome: SOLO flight and endorsement.

    **No tailfeather clipping...since I was already solo flyer in other aircraft.
  • Andy Abrams
    by Andy Abrams 8 years ago
    Yup...I used Bill. I was very satisfied with his inspection and charges.
  • Joe Swift
    by Joe Swift 8 years ago
    Hi Mark & Andy,
    Burnzie uses Bill Holmes to do his 100 annuals for his SLSA. His contact info is: Bill Holmes at 210- 831- 7123 or email at billholmes@
  • Mark Airey
    by Mark Airey 8 years ago
    Hello Andy .I live in the DFW area and i'm due for an annual for my S-LSA ,GT 450 . Do you know of someone that does that here in TX. If so I have 4 days off this week and could take it there ( by car) . Thanks for any help you can give me ,Mark
  • Andy Abrams
    by Andy Abrams 8 years ago
    Sounds like a plan Joe.
  • Joe Swift
    by Joe Swift 8 years ago
    Hey Andy,
    It's good to have you back up in the air AND to see your hanger FINALLY done. I'm up for my license sign off in the next month and plan an x-country up to your way this fall. Lets you, me, Skybird and Lucinda do some flying then, shall we.