Jozinko Sajan

Jozinko Sajan

49 years old
Zahoracka 89
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An emegrency landing I did today at my fathers trike... After take off I lost the power. It flew but without full power. I did a 3/4 of very low circuit, because all the time the power goes down, and landed to rough terrain. I stayed at all three wheels,



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1983 - I started flying Hang gliders, I was 14 years old. My father was the instructor.
1990 - I started fly trike
1994 - Trike pilot licence
2003 - Trike Instructor licence
2005 - Winner The Trike Championship of Slovak Republic
2010 - Trike Inspector licence (CFI)
2011 - Winner The Trike Championship of Slovak Republic
2014 - Megafauna Fly Away - Yarrawonga, Australia

My love: Aeros Profi 14 wing, Tomi Cross 5 Sport trike, Verner VM-133MK engine and AERO 3-blades prop is my web. Sorry, Slovak language only...

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  • Qazi  Ajmal
    by Qazi Ajmal 8 years ago
    thanks to see flying song. it so great song.......
  • Gary Berdeaux
    by Gary Berdeaux 8 years ago
    Hi Jozinko,
    Thanks for your kind words for my video. I enjoyed watching you I Love Flying video. Be careful about flying low over populated areas. Remember you would not want to ever endanger anyone on the ground.

    You are so lucky to be able to share the sport of flying with your father! That is a rare gift. Don't ever take it for granted.

    Fly safe!
  • jacques jaillet
    by jacques jaillet 8 years ago
    You must not fly over houses an city like this,
    this is stupid you are selfish
    people are going to hate you and shoot you down...
  • Silas Leite
    by Silas Leite 9 years ago
    thanks, their are very good too
    big hug.
  • Paulo Roberto Novoa
    by Paulo Roberto Novoa 9 years ago
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