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  • Larry  Mednick
    by Larry Mednick 8 months ago
    New REVO owner's first Solo flight in his new machine. We did 10 hours of advanced/transition training before he took it up solo. His landings are as good as mine now.
  • Leo Iezzi
    by Leo Iezzi 8 months ago
    Nice! Congrats all around!
  • Rizwan Bukhari
    by Rizwan Bukhari 8 months ago
    That's fantastic.
  • Andy Hughes
    by Andy Hughes 8 months ago
    What was the trike and engine he had before and how many hours did he have before the upgrade? A side note: Nice looking rig!
  • Larry  Mednick
    by Larry Mednick 8 months ago
    He was flying a 912 NW Scout with a 12.4 and 400 hours. This 912iS REVO with a 14m flies very different in many ways. But I taught him many things which expanded his abilities and now he can fly comfortably in 20 MPH mid day conditions.

    Here are the things we worked on:
    Soft field take off
    Soft field landing
    Thumbs up
    Elbows down
    Pull to hip to roll
    Only correct for front strut angle in turbulence. Ignore bar movement.
    Lean forward to flare
    Watch horizon during turn (not the ground)
    Coordinate turns by pushing forward
    Use only fingers and wrists for roll input
    Use constant pressure to create bank
    Slow Aircraft down before final approach
    Fly through the landing continue to fly the Wing after all 3 wheels are on the ground.

    The results for him have been extreme. His abilities are now at a completely different level. All it took was 8 days and 11 hours which I did for free as a gift since he bought a new Trike from me.

    The customer is Loving the new Aircraft and his new abilities. He says it’s a whole new way of flying and no one has ever shown him any of this stuff and it makes a big difference. I also worked with his friend for 2.4 hours and his friend did not reach the level he did, but he was really excited about his improvemt which we worked on all off the above plus keeping him square in his seat and not trying to steer with the Wing while taxiing. Also their training was done mostly in mid day conditions. This is the only way to really learn in my opinion.

    If anyone is interested in more details, next year we plan on making a DVD covering these techniques in more detail.
  • wexford air
    by wexford air 8 months ago
    "Lean forward to flare" that's the one that took me a while to remember. I can still feel my instructor pushing my shoulders forward and shouting at me. I think the physical act of moving your butt back a bit and sitting up straight also wakes you up a bit for landing. Nice paintwork Larry
  • wayne morrill
    by wayne morrill 8 months ago
    My first lesson with Larry was a real eye opener. Before me and Larry went up in my new Revo I told Larry that I had 400 hrs on trikes. After an hour of going around in the pattern in pretty rough air and Larry saving us and my new Revo on a couple occasions we cleared the active and came back to the hanger. All I could think of was Larry prob thinks I have 4 hrs not 400hrs. But Larry reassured me that he had the way of training that would get me were I could fly in these conditions and do it safely. I had my doubts but by the third lesson I could see it was all coming together. I now know why Larry takes you up in nasty air. You will learn more with Larry in 10hrs then you could in 100 hrs of com air.
    This Revo has surpassed all my expectations the detail and time they put into their trikes and their customers.
  • Ken Bartlett
    by Ken Bartlett 7 months ago
    Wayne - I read the above, got wide eyed and also grinned. My flight experience and then training with Larry was practically a mirror image. I came from an Airborne/582 and then an XT with the first Revo Sport Wing (the Reborne) before buying my Revo last March. Larry took me thru a mental and physical journey as he reassured and I convinced myself to take the next steps in gaining improved flying skills. The year before was my real eye opener when flying with Henry and becoming "that guy" in the spiral video. After deciding on the Revo, I did not leave Z-Hills until I was confident thru the same list of items that Larry has above.
    65 hours of flying since April in "Spinner" and still working on improving the list each flight. I also echo learning more with Larry in nasty air than I had for years of flying in calm air. The entire Revo team and the trike itself has also surpassed my previous expectations. Safe Flying to you!
  • wayne morrill
    by wayne morrill 7 months ago
    Hi Ken
    That’s good to here other pilots had very similar thoughts and out comes after the training. I was a bit late to respond I am traveling back home with the Revo in trailer behind motor home in trailer 5000km journey one way but very worth it.
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