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Published by: Larry Mednick on 30th Jan 2012 | View all blogs by Larry Mednick
I (Larry Mednick) thought I would take this time to make a bit of a public anouncement:

It all started with a dream, a dream to build the ultimate trike, brand and company... Sometimes when you get to your goal you realize it wasn't about the finish line, but more about the journey of getting there. Abid  started this journey over a decade ago and created a company that he can now retire from if he wanted. Building a brand, developing a product, engeneering, testing, writing manuals, certifying and lastly grabbing hold of the market share. As things have gone from the above (work) to filling orders for customers wanting your product, the game has changed... to the person who was only in it for the money, they would say "Jack pot!" but to someone like Abid with a passion in aviation, well, they would just assume do it all over again... I don't want to speak for Abid, but he has a new dream... I on the other hand have two new Evolution Trikes we will be be bringing out in the next couple of years, one being a bush trike (the Quadster), and the other a part 103 (the Rev) to complete the full range of trike configurations.

Since the inception of the REVO, there have been a couple of partners that have come and gone, and recently, within the last 6 months, we have added a major player to Team REVO. He is the most important person I have ever known, the reason I fly, the guy that taught me to fly (fixed wings anyway) he is Phil Mednick, my Dad! My Dad has stood by  watched every step Abid and I have made starting this company and has been in the aviation (fixed wing) business for over 10 years as well. He has been building Fixed wing aircraft and is a CFI, tallented in wiring, welding, painting, mechanics, and heck, just about anything you can imagine including running a 400+ employee company. Whether it was building dune buggys and drag cars  or building the house I grew up in, there isn't a whole lot this man can't or hasn't done... If you would like to drop him a "wave" here on TPS, he is a member here already. So please say hi to Phil Mednick, new co-owner of Evolution Trikes! 

I (Larry Mednick) have stepped up as President of the company and will be managing the company in lieu of Abid. Some of the new changes we have already made include a huge new facility where the Revo's are built with several times the man power. We have cut down the lead times on new aircraft, although December was a record breaking month for us stretching lead times back up a bit. Also we have a new direct REVO parts hot line which allows our customers to receive parts very quickly with same day shipping on 95% of Revo parts in stock. 

Abid is not gone (still owns shares!!!)  if we need him for anything, he is there to step in, but so far, even though almost a half dozen people now do the multiple jobs Abid was juggling in the company previously, things have been running very smoothly with a bit more man power.

This is kind of old news already, but I thought I would make a public anouncement since I see Abid has made it public elsewhere with quite a bit of vagueness. So I hope this informs anyone who was curious. 

I look forward to seeing abid grow his new company producing an all new ultimate gyro now that he has the time and resources to do so. And you guessed it, they will be 100% American made and aim to strike down all others. Already I have seen people publically write he will never succeed. I laugh to myself when I think back at all the people that told him exactly that same thing about starting a trike company, and even sometimes recently. So if anyone was waiting to "see if Abid could really succeed"  Well... He just did!        
Abid still plans on promoting some new WSC products such as the airbags, electric trikes, and a bunch of other wonderful new products. So I expect he hasn't gone too far from any of these groups. But if it seems his mind is focussed on something else, you may be on to something there...   :-)

CHEERS to Abid and his new venture!!! may he succeed in a fraction of  the time it took to do it the first time!




  • Eric Elbourne
    by Eric Elbourne 6 years ago
    Cheers and all the very best Abid and also now you Larry and Phil, congrats to the team....
  • Captain X
    by Captain X 6 years ago
    A peaceful and positive note. Blue skies!
  • Herman Eldering
    by Herman Eldering 6 years ago
    Larry, as a customer I pay tribute to the inspiration and dedication you both have invested into a superb trike. There s always room for improvement and no doubt that will continue. After sales service is vitally important particularly in international markets where we are completely reliant on spare parts as in many cases no local alternatives exist. Great to hear about your investment into spare parts inventory and shorter lead times for build. Good luck!
  • Lee Schmitt
    by Lee Schmitt 6 years ago
    God Bless America and the American entrepreneurs who make this country great!(wait you are are an American aren't you Abid?? just kidding Abid ;)) seriously though, i can't wait for Abid's American designed and built gyro!!
  • B  Alvarius
    by B Alvarius 6 years ago
    Like the name of the company, change is inevitable and good. Congratulations to everyone on building a solid product and best wishes in the new endevors.
  • Tony  Castillo
    by Tony Castillo 6 years ago
    Indeed quite a journey for all of you. Larry, Abid & Phil of course. If Abid quit posting here then what is going to happen to all the fireworks?!?! and specially ... who would you be making fun of Larry? ... Gyros ... those things are too noisy!
    ... plan on visiting this weekend ... already booked hotel and got my P&M t-shirts packed in my bags (jaja) but looking forward to see you.
    Tony C
  • Richard LaHood
    by Richard LaHood 6 years ago
    I met Phil Mednick at TrikeFest last year. I was very impressed with his knowledge and straight forward manner. Congratulations Guys.
  • Richard LaHood
    by Richard LaHood 6 years ago
    Darn it Abid. Part of me wants to be happy about your new venture... but all of me will just plain miss you. All the Very Best!
  • jeff trike
    by jeff trike 6 years ago
    Good luck Abid. I am very curious about your gyro design.

    Two friends of mine took up gyros. One flew trikes, the other flew LSA fixed wing. Both were surprised at how underpowered they are. These gyro's had turbocharged 912's. I think both will go back to what they flew earlier. There certainly is room for improvement in the existing gyro designs.
  • Gary Berdeaux
    by Gary Berdeaux 6 years ago
    Wow! I get busy with my CFI studies and look at all the changes underway!

    Best of luck in whatever venture you choose in your life. I have enjoyed our conversations very much. Please stay in touch!

    Always a pleasure to visit with you. I too enjoyed our visit at Trike Fest. I know you and Larry will be a fanstatic team together. I was blessed with the opportunity to work every day with my father in a family business. It's not for the faint of heart for sure. I would not have given up one moument of that experience however. Wish you and Larry continued success.

    What can I say. Change is the only constant in life. Roll with it and enjoy the opportunity to with with your Dad. I learned so much working with my father!

  • Mark Airey
    by Mark Airey 6 years ago
    MAN ! Thats some realy big news for most of us !
    Larry I also woked with my dad for overr 10 yr's and at times it was hard but as long as you communicate, life can be good.
    Abid I hope you read this ,I belive you just like to take the road less traveled and I think that is great. Please let me know how to get intouch with you ( I was just about to buy a MTO sport or the HoneyBee G2. I plan on going to Bensen Days in March hope to see you there.
  • Abid Farooqui
    by Abid Farooqui 6 years ago
    Road less traveled is always interesting, calls for innovation, new ways to market, new product design and always a challenge both in engineering and in design and marketing.
    Yes I am definitely looking at gyros and especially to change the perception of gyros in the US market but also to make a US gyro that makes US a serious contender in the world market which regardless of what people would like to say or believe in their own mind, US products are not (same as with trikes when I started).
    I am also looking at other ways of powering aircraft, not just big wing motor gliders but practical regular aircraft.
    I can still be reached at
    I have too many personal connections via that e-mail so for now I have to keep that e-mail alive for a bit
  • George Chase
    by George Chase 6 years ago
    Abid, You are a true genius. I know that you do this with much thought and for sure will be a force to deal with for the Gyro market very soon. My best to you.

    Larry, You are the most well rounded guy I know. You will continue to move the trike market into the main stream. A visionary for sure. See you at Aviation Day in Arcadia on March 3rd.
  • Rizwan Bukhari
    by Rizwan Bukhari 6 years ago
    Good luck Abid, I wish you all the best in the prusuit of your new passion. I know you will be making history in your new field as well.
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