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Published by: Doug Boyle on 10th Jul 2017 | View all blogs by Doug Boyle

Fly high not to die,

Fly Low you better know!



  • Bryan Tuffnell
    by Bryan Tuffnell 1 year ago
    Work when you have to
    Quit when you can
    Follow your dreams
    Be your own man
    Drink when you're thirsty
    Whoop when you're high
    Love a good woman
    and fly 'til you die.
  • tom speirs
    by tom speirs 1 year ago
    What he said
  • Paul Hamilton
    by Paul Hamilton 1 year ago
    The air is soft, the ground is hard.
  • Lucian Bartosik
    by Lucian Bartosik 1 year ago
    To stay a happily married man you should choose
    a woman that knows how to cook
    a woman that is great at the art of love making
    a woman that knows how to treat you with love and kindness
    It is imperative that you never let your wife meet these other women!
  • Bill  Pilgrim
    by Bill Pilgrim 1 year ago
    I went through an expensive and painful procedure yesterday, having had my spine and both testicles removed. Still, some of the wedding presents were fantastic.
  • Bill  Pilgrim
    by Bill Pilgrim 1 year ago
    Student pilot: "Unknown airport with Airborne Edge circling overhead, identify yourself."
  • Doug Boyle
    by Doug Boyle 1 year ago
    Rev pilot heard on the radio (strong crosswind): "Your runways are not very long, but they sure are wide!"
  • Frank Dempsey
    by Frank Dempsey 1 year ago
    Takeoffs are optional, landings are mandatory.
  • Doug Boyle
    by Doug Boyle 1 year ago
    The MOST important landing, is the ONE staring you in the face. Be Here Now!
  • Tom Currier
    by Tom Currier 1 year ago

    Ram Das fan? We own his property (or his dad's property to be precise) up here in Franklin, NH. It's complete with Ashram and outbuildings though mostly destroyed at this point.

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