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Prayers and condolences to the family and members of the 156th wing of the Puerto Rican National Guard that lost their lives in a Herc C-130 today, taking off from Savannah enroute to Arizona for the plane's retirement.



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amphib operations on Belews Lake, NC

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  • white eagle
    by white eagle 2 years ago
    Bear baloo the only thing he would do was lick me to death.
  • Captain X
    by Captain X 6 years ago
    This is probably a dumb question, but are there any good amphibious trikes with 4 stroke motors (ie, 912, etc)?
  • Paul Andre
    by Paul Andre 7 years ago
    Hi,I would apreciate if some one has a design on sports to hold the wing on the fib Polaris ( atached to the fib) for transport. I think it is needed one suport in he back of fib, one to hold the control bar low on the boat and maybe a third one in the front.
  • Howie Rayburn
    by Howie Rayburn 7 years ago
    I would love to keep the floats Doug, but just too much trouble for me to take them off and put the wheels back on, and the lakes around here are pretty far away. I don't want to put it in the Gulf either. Just don't want to deal with the salt.

  • Howie Rayburn
    by Howie Rayburn 7 years ago
    Hey Doug. I don't think I have it. I did however stay with your buddy Ken for almost two weeks and flew with Dane in his Revo for about 15 or so hours, and when my trike was ready, spent another 7 or so in it. I have floats that came with it, but I just need to sell them. They are in really nice shape. Just need to get a couple of the nylon brackets for the rudders made, and then I can sell them. Do they require any wires to support them to the trike or is it just the main support bars that the trike sits on? These two bars go across to each float and the trike mounts on top of them. Anyway, what would be a fair asking price and is it something anyone would even be interested in? Thanks and will talk with you later.

  • Vince  Morson
    by Vince Morson 7 years ago
    Hey thanks for that Doug. I'll keep you posted on how we do putting together a fleet of SeaWings up here in the northwest. I'll probably pester you with questions now and again if that's OK. Finski is due to get his SW in June.
  • Vince  Morson
    by Vince Morson 7 years ago
    Hi Doug- Myself and a couple of land-based trikers are talking amphibs and Finski has his eye on a SeaWing ( he owned one previously and loved it.) Basically FInski has convinced us that we need SeaWings. I was wondering if you like the 17 or 19 Meter Mpulse better, or does it make a difference if you're using a 503 or 582? The one Finski is looking at is equipped with a 582 and 19 meter. Also, what kind of realistic cruise to you get with the 19? Does the 19 get a little boatish with all that sail or is it not too bad. Just to let you know what I'm used to, I've got an A/C GTE with iXess 15 wing and a 582 on the back. thanks, VInce
  • Victor Agadzi
    by Victor Agadzi 8 years ago
    Hi Doug,
    Preliminary flight results with the new Mustang 3 NorthWing -one up are as follows:
    Stall: 30mph
    Trim speed; 45 mph
    max speed with bar fully pulled in ranged btwn 55-65mph. Surprising considering the M-Pulse 2 easily exceeded 60.
    Roll is comparable to the M-PULSE 2-WITH WINGLETS attached.
    I,m loving the wing though.
    Will keep u updated as tests continue.
    Safe flying.
  • Victor Agadzi
    by Victor Agadzi 8 years ago
    Hi Doug,
    Just a few shots from today showing the all new generation 17M STRUTTED Northwing. The hardware is seemingly upgraded.The battens secure differently as shown. The winglets i designed and installed myself hoping for some benefits. The wing flew beautifully today in pretty turbulent skies. Phase 1 testing continues. The MUSTANG 3 wing is a beauty and the trike performed very well with this wing.
  • Ryan  McAnarney
    by Ryan McAnarney 8 years ago
    Not sure doug? there are a couple of news articles just saying that they were pulled out of the water and pronounced soon there after. From what i have heard, is that there was a loud boom in a turn possibly,that coming from a boat full of witnesses supposedly. I have been told that tha loud boom or pop would be due to a structural failure. Possibly way overloaded or bad batch of tubing. we dont really know where the failure or issue came from. But i'm sure there will be a thourogh investigation. Horrible news.