Adrian  Paul- UK

Adrian Paul- UK

Scarborough, North Yorks
United Kingdom
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wether in UK is a pain!!



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Started flight training on flexwing eaitly 80's in wombeldon, near Thirsk UK,
really gave me the bug- but due to other commitments I sadly wasn't able to keep it going, but that changed a few years ago -

Trained with -
John Teesdale -Rufforth, York UK
Basic Training = GT 450 11/11/07

Deric Holman - Bennicolette, Spain,
Basic training = GT 450 5/2/08
(nice area, views & Villa plus a great guy)

Marcus Dellgetty -Gap-Tallard, S. France -
Basic training to and including first solo ;-) = QUANTUM 912
(stunning views & great tutor) I did stalls 2000ft above europe's largest man made lake after the record floods with white water gushing over the dam- spectular 28/5/08

Finaly Back to Spain with Deric (above) for all exams and GST =Pass
GT 450 = yeh! 50+ hrs = 2/9/2008

I have a quantum 582, hangered in the east coast of England and fly from a grass strip, seems I am the only flexwing flying from there!
but nice views -

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  • Waldo Rodriguez
    by Waldo Rodriguez 8 years ago
    Looks like a very nice area to fly. BTW, I noticed in Google Earth that there are no big mountains around and there are plenty of places for an emergency landing... Nice! Enjoy!