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  • Qazi  Ajmal
    by Qazi Ajmal 8 years ago
    wt,s the name of this engine
  • Doug Smith
    by Doug Smith 8 years ago
    Susuki G10. Has stock TBI and uses the original ECM from a 94 Geo Metro. With SPG-2 redrive.
  • Vassili Tarakanov
    by Vassili Tarakanov 8 years ago
    The trike looks nice, engine installation too. check once more if your gearbox is 2.5 ratio. I think it is 2.5 but... If less (2.34) I don't recommend 69" KOOLprop, only 67.3
  • Doug Smith
    by Doug Smith 8 years ago
    Yes it's 2.5 and looking forward to the 69" Koolprop!
  • Vassili Tarakanov
    by Vassili Tarakanov 8 years ago
    How is the new prop? Pictures, comparing with an old one...
  • Michael Reiter
    by Michael Reiter 8 months ago
    Looks like a Modified Tukan or Sabre trike? Like the back shocks Have any further details on them?
  • Doug Smith
    by Doug Smith 8 months ago
    Yes Michael, it's a early 90's Sabre Trike. The Tukan fiberglass mains had a few failures on hard landings. So Sabre added aluminum sleeves over the rods to stiffen them up. ( Third hand info to me...) but I was sure they couldn't handle the extra 60+lbs the Geo engine added over the original 2 stroke. I made the back stunts from Mountain Bike springs and aluminum tube. They have less than 2 inches of travel so as to not stress the mains (and keep a good ground clearance for my big prop) in a hard landing. I'm no engineer, but they work....
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