runway ahead, versus runway behind..........

Published by: monty stone on 6th Dec 2017 | View all blogs by monty stone

you may be getting old when...........................................................................

everyone starts calling you Sir,  and elderly ladies offer you their bus seat............

and you take it !

you start getting 'burial plot' offers in the mail box, and you read them.

you know it must be sunday, 'cos the newspaper is really heavy,........

but you don't know what year it is.

you've always respected your elders, but now there 'aint none.

your grandaughter tells you your man-boobs are bigger than hers,.....

and they  are.

old age 'aint for the 'squeamish'. but it sure beats the alternative........


freazier nuttszoff






  • Gilles F
    by Gilles F 10 days ago
    Your getting older when early in the evening feel like late in the night, nap time Monty
  • Andy Hughes
    by Andy Hughes 10 days ago
    Your old when: Your told to be quiet by a younger man, and you do. You walk into a fine restaurant with your eyes on the carpet instead of scoping the place out. Your afraid to tell your kids they are bad parents because they will yell at you. Your step has lost its bounce. You hang up on the phone collector instead of telling them to fcuk off! That's when its time to give up, get old and die! I will never get "OLD"!
  • monty stone
    by monty stone 10 days ago
    good for you Andy, and Giles, it's ok to get 'older', like a fine instrument or wine, just not 'old', like last weeks news.
  • wexford air
    by wexford air 9 days ago
    You know you're old when..... you start writing blogs about getting old
    Only kidding Monty, your only as old as your next trike
  • Larry  Mednick
    by Larry Mednick 9 days ago
    You know you are getting old when you can’t always get it up.

    Of course I am referring to Monty’s roll over video on takeoff. Nope he didn’t get it up that time. Luckily after he repaired his trike he was able to get it up on the next takeoff attempt. Happy flying!
  • monty stone
    by monty stone 9 days ago
    Yeah Larry, its been up several times since the last failed attempt! The trike, I mean! My failed attempt was only due to failure to monitor what my rear end was doing while my front end was focused on 'getting it up', it just 'shows to go you' when trying to defy gravity what can 'go sideways in an attempt to 'get it up'.(the trike, I mean).
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