take-offs optional, landings mandatory. part two

Published by: monty stone on 3rd Dec 2017 | View all blogs by monty stone

i almost forgot the other part of flight, the landing, or splash-in,(type dependant)  . when i started my FW instruction on ULs in a previous century i only wanted to learn how to land, ( unlike trainee terrorrists who tend to  neglect this part of their training ) reasoning that the rest of flying would  take care of itself. well it did and it does, if you don't 'get' the first two you won't need the landing part. my first flight instructor, jim scott chewed my arse 'cos i kept landing four feet up off the runway, ( some people ARE picky!) he finally got out and yelled " go teach yourself to land". from that moment on i never made a bad landing, well, not many! well allright lots of them, usually getting the major parts into the hanger, though i did destroy my weedhopper's landing gear through flying in really thick fog with ground reference only directly ten feet below me , chopping power, dropping like a rock, thump! my  buds were, sensibly, sitting by the hangers, waiting for the fog to clear, listening to my 377rotax , then they heard the crash and  thought someone had pushed a 'winnabago' off the hanger roof, i guess the 'landing' wasn't as smooth as i'd planned. not real smart but i'm not known for 'smarts'. it took 'em a while to find me, only a hundred feet away! it WAS foggy.. where the hell was i? oh yeah, landing. i practice landing a lot, reasoning that even if it's not as dangerous as the other parts of flying it still needs to be successfull. a successfull landing has most of the parts you took off with still attached when you stop. a failed landing has a bunch of bent tubing and you are upside-down in a ditch, bleeding from your arse-hole. i no longer challenge mother nature, she tends to win, though i do enjoy 'bending' the cardinal rules, sometimes landing where i shouldn't, landing downwind, on rough dirt roads etc. i prefer a steep power at idle final getting really close to the 'terra firma' then level out and bleed off speed till the ground comes up to kiss the tires. sometimes i'll 'fly' it on under power, touching down at a blistering 50 mph,! (just to piss-off the trike gurus), the ONLY cardinal i NEVER bend, ( usually!) is that puny front wheel is ALWAYS aimed directly in the direction my potential wreckage is travelling at touchdown, i usually glance at my feet a coupla seconds before , so i can see both shoes (sandals) , correcting, as neccessary, when the mains 'grab',  making sure that little wheel only has to 'roll' and not correct, regardless what the rest of my trike is doing. this isn't intended even to supplement what current teaching is, only to document this old farts regime                                                                                                                                       freazier nutszoff                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             ps, anyone know WHY trikes don't have more wheels up front?  i suppose they'd  have to be  called 'flying-quads' . theres always something!



  • Tom Currier
    by Tom Currier 12 days ago
    Landing was a bitch for me until I trained with Larry at Evolution. Now it's less of a bitch :)

    Actually, I've come to enjoy landings since then rather than fear them.
  • Paul Hamilton
    by Paul Hamilton 10 days ago
    Hopefully we all can log the same amount of takeoffs and landings
  • Lindsay Mannix
    by Lindsay Mannix 10 days ago
    The most challenging landing I know is a sloping beach in a crosswind .
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