Too cold too fly

Published by: tom speirs on 4th Jan 2016 | View all blogs by tom speirs

Looking for advice on heated clothing best brand features and what works .Best with hard wired or run off batteries.Tried a few things but with poor results .Want to hear Bot good stuff before spending $$$ 



  • Neil Scoble
    by Neil Scoble 2 years ago
    Tom I have a EXO2 stormrider body warmer, I have only used it a couple of times but it works fantastically. I am running it off my trike power source but you can purchase a battery pack for it if you prefer. They also have heated mitts with batteries or gloves that can connect to the same power source via cables in the vest. I have some of the heated mitts but to be honest with you I find them clumsy and would only use them in severe conditions, however I can't say enough about the heated vest.
  • Paul Hamilton
    by Paul Hamilton 2 years ago
    I just put up a video of what I have used and currently use. Over the last 2 weeks it has been below freezing and I have been flying. Now with the 912 I get more amps which is helpful. Also the tall windshield on the Reno makes a big difference in "wind chill". I go with the wired Gerbings but I wish the gloves had more amps. Rechargeable batteries are always going to fail you sometime.
  • Jake McGuire
    by Jake McGuire 2 years ago
    I have an Aerostitch Kanetsu AirVantage heated vest that I plug into my trike and also on my motorcycle. It has an air bladder in it that lets you adjust snugness and has a handy coiled lead with an on-off switch. Works great, although it was a bit expensive.
  • Craig Valentine
    by Craig Valentine 2 years ago
    I used the Gerbing liner jacket and socks for years. The pants weren't necessary and found the Gerbing gloves too unwieldy. Instead I had a bomber system of bar mitts that I modified not to wrap around the bar (under your hands) and had a very thin motorcycle bar heater mounted under the rubber on the control bar. This allowed me to wear thin gloves so I could easily manipulate radios, transponders, iPads, etc. Everything was controlled by thermostats of course.
    The jacket and socks were never on full because they get too hot, thus the necessary thermostats. These were worn under a Ozzee flight suit or perhaps even something heavier if it was cold enough. I would fly over the Sierras in mid winter, over 10,000' (where Paul Hamilton flies) and be cozy.
  • John Glynn
    by John Glynn 2 years ago
    I fly in the winter in Wisconsin as well. I fly with layers consisting of polypro long underwear, jeans, and sweatshirt, winter jacket and a fleece windproof jacket. I use a gortex Stearns guidewear fishing suit. Non-insulated. The fishing pants are bib overalls and the goretex shell jacket has a hood. I wear the hood up underneath my Lynx helmet. Hood thin enogh to hear headsets easily through it. I use a very thin layer of dawn dish soap applied with a soft cloth on the inside of the visor. Every third flight or so. The soap is a surfactant and prevents fogging very effectively (hockey visor trick). I use very thin gloves from Walmart with the special fingertips that allow touchscreens for my iPad in flight. I have thick bar neeoprene bar mits that are sheepskin lined. I use 1 dispposable bodywarmer per mitt for flights up to 1 1/2 hours at 20 F and above. If colder or longer I use two per mitt. Plenty warm up to 2 1/2 hours at 15 F . Thin gloves allow heat from body warmers to penetrate back into hands quickly if messing with radio or taking pictures etc. Body warmers are Hot Hands 2 body warmers from Walmart. On sale this time of year after deer hunting. About a dollar per warmer. Mounting my snow skis over the next two weeks. Just recieved our first big snow just before Christmas. Don't forget Larry's talon grip on the bar. Also helps keep hands warmer. I also always fly with sunglasses or clear safety glasses as a just in case my visor fogging was an issue. Never used them yet but just in case. Fly warm and safe.
  • white eagle
    by white eagle 2 years ago
    For feet i use a good pair of fly fishing rubber wader shoes. I think you can also get them at a kyak store. Their flexable, not bulky for the throttle feel. Their great in the summer and in winter i have a old pair of neopreme waders that i cut the feet out and and use them as designed for the wader shoes. Feet always stay warm.A good snowmobile suit works well. I have a pair of electric motorcycle gloves but they dont get hot enough with they amps. So after not finding any battery operated bar mitts. Iam now making my own.thanks to heathers advice iam making them so the batteries cannot come out in flight.
  • Charles Moore
    by Charles Moore 2 years ago
    WE. Thanks for the idea of the wader shoes. So far this winter the only parts of me that have gotten cold are my feet and fingers. I can handle the fingers by getting different gloves, but the cold feet has had me coming back to the airfield sooner than I want more than once.
  • white eagle
    by white eagle 2 years ago
    Charlie thanks i got the idea because i found that most shoes are bulky and get stuck on the throttle and make it really hard to feel the pressure on the peg. So they streach quite a bit so for summer a normal sock works. But for winter cut below the knees neopreme waders fit comfortably inside the boots ,toasty warm in winter. Working on my bar mitts now .
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