Burningman 2018

Published by: tom speirs on 29th Jun 2018 | View all blogs by tom speirs

Hi everyone

Burningman 2018 is around the corner , I sold my trike so we are short of a trike . We fly people around the perimeter,previous years we average 150 flights so much fun to be had . We erect a departure lounge for some shade ,and have flight attendants to get people to the Trike‚Äôs .we also have our own camp 

So we will get you a ticket (which is hard to get ) and buy 55 gals of gas , all you have to do is go fly about and have some fun 

. Call me on 970-618-5896



  • Jake McGuire
    by Jake McGuire 10 days ago
    If you like flying, meeting interesting people, and giving them an amazing memory, this is a great deal. Damien B has some great videos that give you a sense of the event.

    Last year I was the only trike pilot flying - let's get some more out there!
  • joey martin
    by joey martin 6 days ago
    i flew numbers 947 and 948 today i only count 1st timers not reflys. i have well over 1000 reflys i have averaged 1200 takeoffs a year since 2007. the most i have flew in one day was 29.

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