Ed Evans

Ed Evans

60 years old
Sandpoint Idaho
United States
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I can't wait to FLY !!!!



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  • Ed Evans
    by Ed Evans 6 years ago
    Thanks David,
    Needless to say we are so excited!!!!!
  • Captain X
    by Captain X 6 years ago
    Congratulations Ed & Leigh Ann!!!!!
  • Henry Trikelife
    by Henry Trikelife 6 years ago
    Hi Ed, welcome to "TANARG Trikers" group.
  • Jack Jensen
    by Jack Jensen 8 years ago
    Ed, it was 2 years ago when the engine quit. I had about 20 hrs on it. The magnitos and grounds were attached to the engine block by 2 bolts and some spacers. The bolts fatigued off and I lost my ground. I has been corrected by shortening the bolts and spacers and attaching each of the two grounds to other bolts on the engine. No problems since. The engine is a Hirth F33 and has been very reliable. I have about 100 hrs on it now.
  • Jack Jensen
    by Jack Jensen 8 years ago
    Ed, I have never used a foot throttle. I learned to fly on an Airbourne but since my trike only had a hand throttle that is all I used. My trike is so light and easy to fly with one hand I have no problem using just a hand throttle.