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  • Damien B
    by Damien B 14 days ago
    Mark, Henry and myself did a 200 mile out and back trip to Chaco Canyon - an ancient Indian City ruin site.
    I got this photo of Mark with the rising sun at the start of our flight.
    While we where at Chaco, a Cub spoke to us on 122.750 and we managed to get a couple of photos for him.
    He was flying from Blanding, Utah to Los Lunas, New Mexico and was just passing through at the same time as us.
    Turns out we had a common friend - Jeff Gilkey, so I got the photos over to him later that day.
    On our way back we landed at Cabezon for a stretch and Mark can put top up his fuel (he carried a 6 gallon tank in his back seat).
    Henry now flys a P&M GT-450 trike with a 100HP engine he picked up second hand.



  • Rizwan Bukhari
    by Rizwan Bukhari 14 days ago
    Wow, this is an awesome shot. Mark had posted it on Facebook a few days ago (he always makes sure to give you credit :) . This shot feels like it could be on the cover of a Trike book. Checked your website and saw pictures of the ruins you were flying over, fascinating stuff. You guys got the whole National Geographic going in your backyard :)
  • Trike Ops
    by Trike Ops 11 days ago
    This pic is just awesome!
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