Your favorite Compass?

Published by: roger larson on 12th Sep 2017 | View all blogs by roger larson

Looking for thoughts on compasses used on trikes.  Seems like i have seen a lot of marine type compasses used?

So what is your favorite type of compass?  

Your favorite Brand?  Model?  Where do i get it.

How do you attach it?


Thanks  in advance for anyone that will give me input. 





  • jeff trike
    by jeff trike 10 months ago

    Silva Marine 70UN. Lot of trike pilots use this. Auto levels, easy to read the heading and reciprocal heading. Just clamp it to the nose tube with cable ties, or attach to nose faring with velcro. No stainless steel hose clamps.
  • Tom Longfellow
    by Tom Longfellow 9 months ago
    I own this one as well. Works great!
  • roger larson
    by roger larson 9 months ago
    Thanks guys. I am going to order this one.
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