when are 'they gonna'.

Published by: monty stone on 10th Oct 2016 | View all blogs by monty stone

when are 'they' gonna quit putting power cords on portable tools, why not fit each tool with a twist-lock socket, that way you'd only need ONE power cord, it'd alleviate any possible copper shortage, and we could then 'stuff' more tools in our drawers. when are 'they' gonna quit telling us to be sure to smear never-seize on our rotax exhaust joints when 'they' know that the first flame front will burn it out, immediately. when sales adds proclaim 'was $29!, now reduced to $9. it wasn't selling at the 'old' price, maybe over-priced at the 'new' price. do 'they' think we're the gullible stupidos 'they' think we are? maybe we are! why do we ask (usually strangers) "how are you" ?, when we REALLY don't give a rat's arse how 'they' are, and if they try to tell us how they are we interupt , quickly, and make a mental note NEVER to be sociable to anyone ever again! aviators refer to their 'control area ' as a 'cockpit', this seems to defy the present day 'let's be gender-specific world' so what should a female pilot's control area be called? .... when meeting 'furriners' for the first time i always get them to teach me their best swear-words. being able to swear in many different lingos has landed me into, and out of, several 'sticky' situations!  we have, on occasion, discussed what it is that we fly, resulting in 'they' refering to them (fed speak) as 'flexible-winged aircraft of the weight-shift variety', when we all know they'r really TRIKES! when are 'THEY' gonna get it right!..............frazier ballzoff



  • Bill  Pilgrim
    by Bill Pilgrim 1 year ago
    Frazier, you Americans need to get with the program, down here in Australia, we have had cordLESS,power tools for years ;-)
  • monty stone
    by monty stone 1 year ago
    yeah bill, we got them too, but when you got some 'serious' stuff to do it's hard to beat 'lots' of 'mains current'. and without a cord to trip over wheres the challenge!( by portable i meant you can work up to 25ft from the nearest power outlet'.). in my native uk we had 240v, now THAT'S serious power. here in usa we have a 'wimpy 110v, but it's a bit more than 19.2v.
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