What is the correct tension on a batten clip

Published by: Rizwan Bukhari on 6th Mar 2017 | View all blogs by Rizwan Bukhari


Hi all,


I have a question about batten clip tension. In the past the wing I owned had a bungee or string cords (tensioners).


But now I have clips. The wing I have is a Streak 3 wing from Airborne. I checked in the manual and it talks about detension or tensioning the clips to fix a minor turn in the wing.


But my quetion is when you are putting the wing together for the very first time then how do you know what is the correct tension?


Turning the batten clockwise detensions them and anti clockwise tensions them.


Are all the batten clips suppose to be equal distance out of the batten?


How hard should a batten clip be pushing against the pocket?


These might be very basic questions but I never had a wing with batten clips so any help would be grealy appreciated.







  • reb wallace
    by reb wallace 1 year ago
    I just tighten them up so there is light pressure or snug tension if their too loose high speed flutter will pop them out usually they are all different lengths because of fabric stretch but don't thread them out all the way to the end of threads or you will break the tip out of threads. I don't know if there is a tool to measure tension I just kinda know what is too tight or too loose by feel.
  • Allan Mays
    by Allan Mays 1 year ago
    Hello Rizwan,
    I would agree with Reb's comment, but would add that if your wing was flying before you obtained it and was undamaged; I would start by leaving the tip adjustments as they are. If the wing was tuned well previously, there is little reason to think it will not continue to be very close upon reassembly.
    I would also direct your attention to a mandatory service bulletin SB019 (1 Sept. 2015) issued by Airborne which addresses the issue of tip adjustment/tension. This link should get you to the service bulletin page.
    Hope this helps, Allan
  • Rizwan Bukhari
    by Rizwan Bukhari 1 year ago
    Thanks Reb and Allan, this is very helpful.
  • Steve Beste
    by Steve Beste 1 year ago
    Amen to the previous comments. to give you an idea of how much to adjust, I have an Aeros Profi TL that has the Airborne batten-tip adjusters. When the wing was new, the tips were all screwed all the way in. The sail was very tight, meaning that it was hard to snap all the tips closed. The wing flew just fine. After a couple of months of flying, the fabric loosened up a bit. and the tips were much easier to close. This is rather like a new shoe being tight but soon adapting to your foot.

    Then, after about 3 months, the wing developed a very slow left turn. Release the bar, wait 5 seconds, and the wing began a slow left turn. I solved this by tightening the battens on the left side. I adjusted the inboard 6 battens (out of 11 on the wing) 3 whole turns each. That solved the problem and it has stayed solved. So that's how much adjustment to make to fix that much turning. At least on the Profi wing.

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