US Air Force Uses Trikes to represent Ultralights in Test Program

Published by: Paul Hamilton on 6th Mar 2018 | View all blogs by Paul Hamilton

Flying trikes out of Mojave Air and Space airport for US Air Force out of Edwards Air Force Base Test Pilot School for the next week. We fly sorties with precision courses, altitudes and throttle settings. The USAF relates trikes as a typical Ultralight type aircraft. WE HAVE COME A LONG WAYS.

They are trying to track us so drones can detect our audio signature as well as all sorts of helicopters, jets, twins, and typical cessnas. Who knows what else they will be doing.

Flying in Edwards Air Force Base Restriced R-2515 . Very busy and no ATC air trafic seperation. They say we have our own space but I am seeing different aircraft with my ADS-B in but they disapear...... Hmmmmmm.

Day 1. Took Captain USAF Test Pilot School for 2 hour sortie this morning. She mentioned that it was nice to have an auto pilot in the trike - voice actuated, the trike went wherever she told it at a precise courses, turn points, throttle setting and altitude.I was the human auto pilot.





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