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Published by: Spencer Forman on 31st Mar 2011 | View all blogs by Spencer Forman
We're excited to announce a long-awaited upgrade for "passionate" Trikepilot members.


It's called Trikepilot VIP and it will provide all those crazy-good features that you've been longing for since you first pulled-in the bar.
  1. Classifieds- Why should you have to schlepp over to Barnstormers to wade through a ton of aircraft and parts that have nothing to do with trikes? Get the attention of fellow trikers, or find what you need... right within the Trikepilot community.
  2. HD Premium Video Theater - Only the "best" videos, all in HD and shown in full width mode.
  3. HD Photo Gallery - No more "squinting" to see those small size images, the new gallery is full width and HD quality.
  4. Your OWN personal trikepilot site - Yes, it's true! Now you can branch out and launch your own personal flying site or trike business from right within the trikepilot family! Just a few clicks and you have a fully hosted, secure wordpress site with crazy cool features, to use as your own personal "corner of the web" or as a sales page for your business. No longer will you be limited to just your profile page, or a group you create... you've got it all baby... you've got it all!
  5. Exclusive offers and discounts - For some of the most sought-after products and services for trike flying, photography, or videography. The power of group-buying, curated for trikepilots.
  6. Promote your product or service - With over 125,000 pageviews a month from nearly 2000 active members, Trikepilot is the number one visited trike flying site on the Internet. Why not promote your product or service directly to other pilots? As a Trikepilot VIP member, you will be able to promote your brand or business directly to other members online and via our Trikepilot newsletter.
All of these features and more will be included as part of your Trikepilot VIP membership... just $19 bucks a month or $199 bucks a year. Never fear, all of the existing Trikepilot.com features will still be available for free... but when you are ready to step-up to the "big leagues", Trikepilot VIP is the place to be.



  • Herman Eldering
    by Herman Eldering 7 years ago
    Sounds great, look forward to a trial to test the features.
  • tom speirs
    by tom speirs 7 years ago
    ME TOO
  • Chris Brandon
    by Chris Brandon 7 years ago
    Hey Spence..g8t news! Look forward to your new direction with a cool trike site. Keep us informed..
    Smooth flights
  • Sean Scott
    by Sean Scott 7 years ago
  • Tony Ford
    by Tony Ford 7 years ago
    Sounds very promising! I'm in!
  • Abid Farooqui
    by Abid Farooqui 7 years ago
    And how do we get it Spence. I would like to support you but you got to make it easy and straightforward :). Like accept a Visa payment and give me some sign-up page and so on. Don't hide it. Where do I go bud.
  • Spencer Forman
    by Spencer Forman 7 years ago
    Hi Abid and everyone ;-)

    Never fear, when VIP is fully released, it will be completely transparent how/when/where to go and signup!! What I'm doing in the meantime is to test certain elements on the beta site, and will release some more this week, to ensure that things work before I put them all together live for use. The VIP parts (the commercial parts) have not yet been released, so you are not missing anything... but obviously Abid, you and Larry would have a great reason to utilize that part in order to promote your business and provide customer sales/support/info in a spot that does not effect your credibility by participating on the free side of the site.

  • Abid Farooqui
    by Abid Farooqui 7 years ago
    Ok that's what I thought that its not released yet for full fledged use. I'll be patient. Its best to be late than release something that doesn't work.
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