Triple Tree (Who's going?)

Published by: Charles Moore on 8th Sep 2016 | View all blogs by Charles Moore

This weekend is the annual Triple Tree fly-in located near Woodruff, S.C.  Last year we only had one trike attend. Doug Boyle with his Tanarg. This year looks to have a few more trikes flying in. As of now (1:15pm 9/8/16) Doug should have already arrived, Tony Ford and Fred Snyder are coming, John Williams from VA in his Revo (hope I got his name right), a gentleman named Quinn with a Delta Jet (I think), Todd Halver is flying down Friday afternoon in his new Tanarg, Chris from GA is supposed to be bring an Aeros Ant and I plan to leave at first light to fly down in my XT. Did I miss anyone? 



  • John Williams
    by John Williams 1 year ago
    John Williams arrived Wednesday morning. Great place to visit & stay for a weekend. Looking forward to seeing other trike pilots over the weekend. Triple Tree rocks !! JDW
  • Michael Kocot
    by Michael Kocot 1 year ago
    Ready to go.
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