Trikepilot Social is going to "Admin Approval Required" to join

Published by: Spencer Forman on 31st May 2010 | View all blogs by Spencer Forman
Well, I never thought I'd have to do this... but I'm turning on the "admin approval required" to join option on Trikepilot Social. Why? Mainly because there is a group of scammers and spammers that basically cause me to have to spend more time "deleting" them on this current platform we use, than it would take to "deny" them from ever getting an account.

We are in the process of getting our new (third time the charm?) home ready for you on our new platform, where this will not be required. But in the meantime, it's simply too much clicking around for me to "fix" what they do, than it would be to stop it from happening.

This is probably of no relevance to any of you existing members, other than to say... you will no longer be receving messages asking you if you want a new girlfriend... sorry ;-(

Safe Flying!



  • Doug Wheaton
    by Doug Wheaton 8 years ago
    Thank You!!!! great site.I'll be till the the trikes come home.
  • Gary Berdeaux
    by Gary Berdeaux 8 years ago
    Thanks for all your hard work Spense. There's no place else on the web like Trikepilot Social. My favorite group site for sure.
  • Ray Sparkes
    by Ray Sparkes 8 years ago
    Approval required is fine - especially if it makes site admin easier.
  • Tom Donovan
    by Tom Donovan 8 years ago
    Hi Spence, yep i reckon you got to do it. TPS is such a good site and resorce for trike pilots from all over the world it,s worth protecting.
  • Jackye  Reynolds
    by Jackye Reynolds 8 years ago
    Good move Spence!
    it's better to keep you're "burnout threshold" low and ask for the patience of new subscribers!
    It's preferable to keep this great social resource about aviation, and trike related issues.
    One of your biggest "fans"!
  • Chris Wills
    by Chris Wills 8 years ago
    Oh no!!! How will those ladies I've never met that think me both handsome AND a fantastic lover continue to contact me?!?!?
  • Jim M
    by Jim M 8 years ago
    Good Job Spence! I thank you for all the work you are doing! Good job & great site!
    Passed my checkride today, am now an official trike pilot! Lookout below...!
  • Fred Rafilson
    by Fred Rafilson 8 years ago
    What a bummer. I liked those girls. I was hoping they were going to post pics.
  • Diego Sagrera
    by Diego Sagrera 8 years ago
    Good idea, and thanks for all you do with this wonderful site.
  • Mark Airey
    by Mark Airey 8 years ago
    Spence ! I agree with the other guys ,so do what you have to do ,and keep up the great work you do for ALL OF US trikers that love this place.
  • Jim Davidson
    by Jim Davidson 8 years ago
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