Sun N Fun or Oshkosh or just the Flyins?

Published by: Rizwan Bukhari on 16th Jan 2017 | View all blogs by Rizwan Bukhari

Hi all,


I live in Boise, ID and have never been to Sun N Fun or Oshkosh and was wondering for someone who has prime interest in Sports/Recreational flying which event (Sun N Fun or Oshkosh) is better.


I might visit one of these events this year and was wondering if anyone could give me some tips about their experience to either of the events and what did they like, what were some of the challenges of either of the event.


Or, is it just better to attend the local flyins?







  • Lucian Bartosik
    by Lucian Bartosik 1 year ago
    Oshkosh is difficult to find affordable accommodation if you did not book a very long time ahead, plus there is not too much to do at night, or if someone is not into flying that comes along with you, for them to do in the day. But it was always a great show with tons of stuff to see and do for a flyer. Sun n fun on the other hand has lots to see and do other than the airshow, with Tampa and Orlando being so close for fun nights (and beaches for the Tampa area)and also to take a few days off at the end and have some great fun up there in Orlando. Also there are loads of hotels all over the place (Kissimmee has very afordable hotels if you don't mind a bit of an easy drive) both east and west to find very affordable hotels. Both are great shows but I would suggest Florida if you had only one to do, despite is being further away for you and pick up a discount coupon book that is free all over the place to save you lots of money on all sorts of things. If you are flying in on commercial flights it would also be cheaper for you to find flight tickets to Tampa or Orlando than flying to an airport that would suit getting to Oshkosh.
  • Charles Moore
    by Charles Moore 1 year ago
    I agree with Lucian. I went to Oshkosh a few years back with my wife. She not into aircraft so she didn't have a good time. And as Lucian said not much to do outside of the show. I've been to SunNFun a number of times and it has been getting better every year. There was a good showing of trikes there last year. I would suggest staying in Tampa. Orlando traffic can be a pain and toll roads everywhere up there.
  • Tony  Castillo
    by Tony Castillo 1 year ago
    For small aircraft aviation in general and more hands on ... maybe SunNFun, but be nice to visit both.
  • Paul Hamilton
    by Paul Hamilton 1 year ago
    Oshkosh is much bigger with more shows, exhibitions, Wow factor. Maybe the biggest airshow on the planet. Sun N Fun is smaller. Both are awesome it just depends on your wants.
  • Rizwan Bukhari
    by Rizwan Bukhari 1 year ago
    Thanks Lucian, Charles, Tony and Paul. This is helpful :D
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