Spy shots of new 103 legal single-seat trike from Astra

Published by: Spencer Forman on 11th Jun 2010 | View all blogs by Spencer Forman
Our sources in the field have sent us these never-before-seen shots of the new 103 Legal single-seat trike from Astra. We don't have all the details, but understand that this flying version has a Rotax 503, single-surface wing, and bears some lineage from the classic "Chaser" design. More to come...

Astra 103_1.jpg
Astra 103_2.jpg
Astra 103_3.jpg
Astra 103_4.jpg
Astra 103_5.jpg



  • Dave Rollins
    by Dave Rollins 8 years ago
    That's a neat little trike. Even more impressive if it can make weight with a 503!
  • Steven  Tweedt
    by Steven Tweedt 8 years ago
    Here is more!

  • Rob Caya
    by Rob Caya 8 years ago
    A new video of the Astra 103 Trike, it looks very cool. I'll be down there in a couple weeks and look forward to seeing it first hand...

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