REVO - Revolution in Trike Design - A Review

Published by: Sean Scott on 26th Feb 2010 | View all blogs by Sean Scott

Well I just got done flying the Revo. One word!


Full review: First this trike flies like no other. It is not an evolution in trike and wing design but a REVOLUTION. Every other trike, including my own very capable DeltaJet 912/ProfiTL, has now been relegated to also-ran status. When searching for a trike to purchase there are many choices, but all represent a relative static progression in design and innovation. Small details have set one trike apart from another, until now.


The world of trikes has forever been split in two. There is the Revo, and then there is everything else. Why such strong praise, simply, design, execution and delivery.  From the front seat of the Revo the pilot is presented with a host of refinements and advancements not found on any other trike. Entry into the trike is effortless. The seats are purpose designed, not some compromise or adaption. Your feet rest on real pedals, not some bent steal rod. The front wheel has shock absorbing compression struts. Everything is CNC milled and fitted. The Revo speaks aircraft, not some conglomeration of bits from the parts bin. Three throttles, foot, panel and cruise give you options for power control. Simple things, like the choke and mag switches are right where you expect them to be. Even the rear steering system is beautiful. (It also makes the plane easy to maneuver in and about the hanger.) Everything is a joy on the Revo. No compromises.


Then you blast down the runway, 100 Rotax horses pushing against your back… seconds later you leap into the air and begin a mad race into the sky. The only problem is that at an easy 1500 feet a minute climb you will have to wait awhile for your friends to get to altitude with you. Regardless of how good it looks on the ground or how nice the parts fit together, it is those parts that must work in harmony to produce and deliver an extraordinary result. The Revo does not disappoint. Even though the body of the Revo is spectacular it would be nothing unless it was married to a superb wing. The Reflex 11, a tiny wing by traditional standards, makes the Revo come alive and makes your dreams of effortless flight a reality. It is light to the touch, responsive but predictable. One finger control, quick roll but precise in its entry and exit from turns.  Pitch stability and solid handling combine to make this wing do whatever you want it to in a point and shoot dream. The only surprise is how easy it is to get into a flight configuration you should not be in. This plane with the Reflex 11 wing will fly beyond its and your limits if you ask it. So just don’t ask it. Couple the wing with Evolution’s new in-flight electric trim and it is hands-off trim at any speed from 60 mph to 100 mph gives you the ability to cruise with your friend’s slower trikes without constant bar input. Landing is a breeze, easy approach with a landing that sticks as the big mains touch down and the suspension soaks up any impact in case of a less than perfect landing on the pilot’s part. The Revo is confident and sure-footed on the ground as it is in the air.


Quite simply, there is nothing not to like with the new Revo. As dramatic as the shift from biplane to mono or fabric covered to metal, the Revo is aptly named, it truly is a revolution in light-sport weight shift controlled flight.


The new Revo presents only one problem for me: What to do with my existing DeltaJet 912.



  • Doug Wheaton
    by Doug Wheaton 8 years ago
    Sean,Great review of a spectacular aircraft.I too got a chance to fly the REVO and I couldn't agree more.Truly state of the art aircraft for weight shift trikes.As I was taxing back to the hanger only one word came to mind --- PERFECTION--.
  • Stephen Warburton-Pitt
    by Stephen Warburton-Pitt 8 years ago
    Would love to know what the envelope max bank turn is listed at. Thanks Stephen
  • Abid Farooqui
    by Abid Farooqui 8 years ago
    For the test pilots or for general public??? :)
    Its 60 AOB, 45 pitch
  • Mark Rubenstein
    by Mark Rubenstein 8 years ago
    Hey Sean, so does this mean that your gray DJ912 and one-of-a-kind wing are for sale so that you can buy a REVO?
  • Jozinko Sajan
    by Jozinko Sajan 8 years ago
    Thanks for your experience. I love REVO and Reflex 11 too but I only seen the videos and read stages from Larry, Abid and Wesley... But I hope try it!
  • Sean Scott
    by Sean Scott 8 years ago
    I just got a peek at a brand new red Revo. And again, wow. Some of the newest refinements make it, in my opinion, simply the best trike on the market today.
  • Abid Farooqui
    by Abid Farooqui 8 years ago
    And in the vein of correcting specs. I should correct Sean's 1500 feet per minute climb reference as well with Revo 912S Reflex 11 wing ... that is one up not at gross.
  • Allen Ducatt
    by Allen Ducatt 8 years ago
    After seeing the revo online, I had to take a test flight. Larry and Abid were very informative about the trike world. I flew the revo and couldn't believe the performance and handling. It is definetly a trikers dream machine.
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