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Published by: jeff trike on 17th Aug 2017 | View all blogs by jeff trike

I downloaded this app and took it out for a test flight this morning.  It is fantastic.  It was developed by a paraglider pilot, but works great on my trike.  It has all the usual features, like altitude, ground speed, moving map display.  I already had this capability, but the paraglider dashboard does something I have not found in any other apps.  It estimates the wind vector in real time while you are flying from the gps groundspeed measurements alone.

Years ago I had done something simliar for a work application, so I have a guess at how it works.   When you fly in circle with you drift downwind. And if you plot your velocity east, vs velocity north, you get a circle with the radius of the circle equal to your airspeed, and the center of the circle offset from zero  by the east and north component of the wind.  You don't need a full circle, a 90 degree arc has enough data to estimate the wind. And paraglider dashboard does this continually, plotting your recent east and north components in one of its displays. When a decent arc or circle is displayed, you get good wind estimates. New data is plotted with big dots, old data with smaller dots.  If you fly straight for a long time, the estimates degrade, but as long as you have a decent arc or circle in the display, you get a good wind estimate.

It displays the data in metric or english units.   It has a nice variometer display.  It logs your tracks and has a good moving map display.  You could use this as your primary gps navigation device.  It is really well done. 

The unique feature is the wind estimator.  

And the app is FREE with no advertisments.










  • Jim Garrett
    by Jim Garrett 1 year ago
    Thank you Jeff....I will try it.
  • jeff trike
    by jeff trike 1 year ago
    The app has two ways to set options

    1) you can toggle the units (metric vs ft etc) by touching the text displays for alt, ground speed etc.
    2) activate a "secret" menu button
    try a long press on either the "back" or the "open tasks" buttons.
    On my phone they are at the bottom, outside the screen.

    Once you get this open, you will see a screen that says
    "Set Destination", "Clear Track", "Help", "Settings"

    Under "Settings" you can set
    glove control
    preferred orientation
    full brightness
    don't dim display
    map type (normal, sattelite, hybrid, terrain)

    configure (which goes to a further screen)
    estimated airspeed
    altitude correction
    full screen mode
    high contrast mode
    vario settings
    metric/english units flag
    Airspace Configuration (this one will display airspace on the map)
    you can download Openair Airspace files into your phone
    set your browser to
    Then download the Openair format files for hanglider/paraglided/ultralight pilots
    I tried the other one and it crashed the paraglider dashboard app but was able to
    recover by clearing the data for the app.

    If you are outside the USA, you can go to
    and look for the Openair airspace format file for your region. Looks like the whole world
    is covered.

    After downloading the Openair files, press "browse" under "Airspace Configuration" to load
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