Need tires

Published by: tom speirs on 28th Oct 2013 | View all blogs by tom speirs
Looking for tires for a while now don't want wheelbarrow tires looking for either Michelin or BF Goodrich 4.00 8 I know they exist as I have them need two for my rear wheels ........anybody got a supply or know of where these beasties can be found HELP



  • Chuck Burgoon
    by Chuck Burgoon 4 years ago
    I upgraded to this tire and am glad I did.
  • randy schuh
    by randy schuh 4 years ago
    I got 3 of that size from my local truck service co. (wiliams tire and auto) I' ll check on the brand but the treads were like snow tires not the straight line wheelbarrow type. was 22.00 installed ea.
  • Michael Kocot
    by Michael Kocot 4 years ago
    I couldn't find the michelin when I needed them replaced on my GTE. Bought Kenda, 6ply trailer tires (Load range C) thru amazon. Great tire, and got a great deal on 3 about $30 each. A little bit heavier than what was on it from AC but are wearing well.
  • Kim Hurt
    by Kim Hurt 4 years ago
    I don’t believe either of the manufacturers you mentioned make the 4.8 x 8 any longer. I found that size at Less Schwab Tires in my area. They are DOT rated trailer tires and are very sturdy. The cost was about $42.00 each including mounting and disposing of the old tires.
  • Doug Boyle
    by Doug Boyle 4 years ago
    I bought tires for the Tanarg at Summit Racing: straight tread, 6ply, highway rated, and under $40 each. Had to wait three weeks however. Bought two pairs in order to not have to wait again.
  • Elijah  Tate
    by Elijah Tate 4 years ago
    I put these on my Racer
  • John Olson
    by John Olson 4 years ago
    Those look good and they're the first Michelin with 8" rims I've ever seen sold in America. I suppose they're a smidge narrower than the 4-4.80X8 that came standard on Cosmos trikes. Elija, is your racer a Cosmos or an AC?
  • Elijah  Tate
    by Elijah Tate 4 years ago
    It was AC, John
    by SAM COFFEE 4 years ago
    I will sugest TSO'd aircraft tires, any aircraft supply co has them in all price ranges. Most if not all tundra/golf cart/lawn tractor/etc type tires are not approved for aircraft of any type. (check with the manuf.) I had a lot of tire problems punctures/leaks and so on. Replaced them with aviation tires and have had no problems at all. I will never go back to lawn/turf type tires.
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