How to find Trike Pilots and Instructors near you and/or finding a place to get trained, transitioned or updated.

Published by: Paul Hamilton on 7th May 2017 | View all blogs by Paul Hamilton


This has been an incredible start to the flying season. I have never gotten so many calls asking “where can I find a trike instructor near me?”


Good news and bad news. The good news is that most of the qualified trike instructors and many pilots are listed at:


This is the most comprehensive, up to date site to find pilots and instructors. This is where I send everybody. Pilots and instructors, please look at this and let me know if it is up to date for your area. I personally maintain this and try to be as accurate and comprehensive as I can.


The bad news is that there may not be a qualified trike instructor close to you. Many times it is better to travel and concentrate on flying with a full time established school and get it done. Your program is listed at We have two and sometimes THREE FULL TIME trike instructors ready to train you. I can give you your checkride. One stop shop.


Other trike instructors please feel free to list your web site here and MAKE SURE YOU ARE ON THE TRIKE LOCATOR




Paul Hamilton, CFI, DPE LSRM-trike




  • Chuck Tabbert
    by Chuck Tabbert 1 year ago
    Great - I too have been collecting this info. Right now i'm up over 4500 trike pilots worldwide. Too big to import into your program.

    I'll be happy to provide folks info if they email me at
  • Paul Hamilton
    by Paul Hamilton 1 year ago
    Thanks all for providing input. It is because of all you contributing pilots is what helps me keep this up to date and a valuable resource to existing, new/potential students and want to bees.
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