Happy Holidays and Big Thanks to everyone at Trikepilot Social!

Published by: Spencer Forman on 25th Dec 2010 | View all blogs by Spencer Forman


Just wanted to take a break from my family day here to give a big "thanks" to all of our friends around the world who have made Trikepilot Social a big success in 2010.

We have a ton of great ideas for new features and ways to improve the site for 2011... and we will share these with you on December 31st.

Till then... have fun and fly safe!


p.s. - Thanks to my friend Steve G. who drives the Ferrari! (I wish I had both in the hangar....!!)



  • Gary Berdeaux
    by Gary Berdeaux 7 years ago
    Thanks again Spence! Keep up the outstanding work!
  • B  Alvarius
    by B Alvarius 7 years ago
    Perhaps application of one of the available morphing software packages could turn the Ferrari into the trike. Though I don't know about the red to yellow, it might raise some eyebrows amongst some members.

    Hope you and everyone else at Trike Pilot Social has a happy holidays.
  • Henry Trikelife
    by Henry Trikelife 7 years ago
    Hi Spencer,
    Many many many thinks and happy holidays !!
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