Geopilot II Aviation GPS

Published by: jeff trike on 10th Dec 2011 | View all blogs by jeff trike
I need a new GPS for my trike for Christmas.
Has anyone checked out the Geopilot II?
One thing I like about it is that it has buttons, .i.e no touchscreen

Any other GPS units for your trike that you have an opinion of?
Garmin Aera, Anywhere Map ?




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  • Captain X
    by Captain X 6 years ago
    Jeff, sorry for the late reply. Look into the iFly720 (update to the iFly 700). From an extremely well traveled long distance XC trike friend of mine, (he wrote): This has the basic airport information in it so I can get rid of the Sony e-reader as well as being an excellent GPS, daylight readable, ADS-B will be up and running, so weather as well as weather forecasts will show in locations where the ADS-B system is set up. The new 720 will have 3G and so the ADS will be wireless as well as updates can be wireless. Faster processor, brighter screen and more possibilities. What makes iFly so unusual is that it's almost more of a software company than anything. You get the product and the changes start happening almost immediately. Just check into the website and download the software updates. I've never had a Garmin but I like it better and I like the company better than AvMap. It's a great concept and in fact that's what's happening with the iPad...a great platform and adjust the software for it. Garmin and AvMap must be scared shitless!
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