From South Africa to Poland in 7 Days

Published by: Jan Ferreira on 6th Apr 2011 | View all blogs by Jan Ferreira
Mike Bylth (my first instructor) and James Pitman owners of The Airplane Factory in South Africa build the  Sling (LSA fixed wing) in 7 days and then flew it to Poland to the new owners. Read and follow their project on their website. These guys have spirit.


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  • Christopher  BIG RED  Van Zyl
    I had the privilege of piloting the new RED Sling last December and I can say it is a remarkable machine, very docile and very comfortable and spacious for a 1.97 meter and 120 kg BIG RED airframe.
    The remarkable thing about the Sling that will be flying to Europe is that the plane was BUILT in JUST 7 Days!
    You have to take your hat of to these Guys and Gals from the good old South Africa!
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