be careful what you wish for!

Published by: monty stone on 20th Feb 2017 | View all blogs by monty stone

in a recent blog i had the temerity to forecast that in the future all trikes, as well as all other aircraft will be hooked up to a huge 'hal' like mainframe computor based in an underground silo in bumfuk , egypt, and thus allowing all FAA and all other 'official' requirements to be automatically carried out from afar. if your bi-ennial is not current, your engine won't be allowed to start, etc. well, i recieved an e-mail from my local 'muni' that twelve cameras had been installed arround the airport in order ' day and night' to monitor all aircraft movements, in order, it says, to better serve all users. while i personally agree that all terrorists, and other wanna-be violent criminals should be strangled at birth, and 'inner cities' do need CCTV's on every street corner, in order to catch the bad guys, i don't wanna be a 'battery hen', or whatever they call domestic animals, locked in a cage , doomed only to poop and pay taxes. now i'm faced with the very real prospect of a take-off with my tire pressures below the FAA regulated PSI that it will be reported to the appropriate  authority, followed by the inevitable punitary action. this USA is one of the very few remaining 'bastions' of liberty left in this rapidly shrinking  'globalized' spinning rock we live on, and despised by many,( envy takes many forms,) and, with all it's many faults, our system WORKS!  one reason i emigrated to this USA in 1964 was it was becoming very obvious that in the UK pretty soon i would need a royal decree and pardon in order to fart. (the british royal court employed a 'royal farter' who's job it was to fart whenever the king felt the need, but didn't want to take the 'risk'.)   FTF ( freedom to fart) is a human 'right', and within obvious social 'mores' shouldn't be government regulated! now, where the hell was i? oh yeah, i don't think our local muni is unique with this 'red light tell-tale installation' but how far will it go? are our bedrooms soon to be installed with CCTV,s in order to forecast future population growth , like MEL GIBSON yelled while being eviscerated by the current king, FREEEEEEEEEDOM!                                                                                                                                                                                                               freezier nutszoff                                                                                                                                                                                   ps.                                                                                                                         dr  ben franklin , during his soujorn in england studied 'fartrillocwism', the ability to throw the  fart so as to blame another for this 'social indiscretion ', as detailed in his well known 'art of the fart', published circa 1781.



  • Bill Magness
    by Bill Magness 9 months ago
    George Orwell just had the year wrong!
  • white eagle
    by white eagle 9 months ago
    Monty iam wishing for you to come to are fly in in sandpoint? Hell i,ll even provide the tazer laced pitchfork for you to use when the crowd gets dull and board? You also would be good camoflauge for joe hockman and me so are excentricitys could blend in a little better? Ill even tempt you to come with you know the yellow glazed box of doughnuts , the ones with the sprinkles all over them!
  • monty stone
    by monty stone 9 months ago
    hey we, the ones with a big gob of red jam in the 'hole'? , i'm ready to pack my bags!
  • Bryan Tuffnell
    by Bryan Tuffnell 9 months ago
    'Open the hangar bay doors, Hal.'

    'I'm sorry Monty, I'm afraid I can't do that...'
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