Another Trike Crash with two fatalities

Published by: Rizwan Bukhari on 9th Aug 2017 | View all blogs by Rizwan Bukhari





As reported


JEFFERSON, Wis. (AP) - Sheriff's officials say two people have died in the crash of an ultralight plane into a river in southern Wisconsin.

Jefferson County Sheriff Paul Milbrath said in a statement Wednesday the pilot, 51-year-old David Plambeck of Edgerton and his passenger 16-year-old Max Burlingame of Fort Atkinson died when the aircraft went down in the Rock River near Jefferson Tuesday night.

The ultralight had taken off from Fort Atkinson Airport just before it crashed about 8 p.m. The sheriff says the plane was nearly submerged when first responders arrived. Recreational boaters on the river helped emergency responders pull the two from the plane. They were pronounced dead by the Jefferson County medical examiner.

Federal aviation officials will investigate







  • Tom Currier
    by Tom Currier 6 days ago
    by PHILIP QUANTRILL 5 days ago
    I believe in 2017 till the end of July there have been 17 deaths in France in microlights, all classes
  • monty stone
    by monty stone 5 days ago
    Sad again, too frequently, looks like 912 Pegasus. Phil, what's the ratio of trikes to microlittes? In france
  • monty stone
    by monty stone 5 days ago
    We probably will never learn the cause of this tragedy, but anyone flying over water deeper than a wading pool and without floats has a slim chance of surviving what could be a 'minor' problem over land. RIP.
    by PHILIP QUANTRILL 5 days ago
    The French data isn't split into groups that normally comes at the end of the year data. This data is till the end of June, not as I previously stated July and there have been 16 not 17 deaths so far, didn't manage to get any of the data correct first time round. Another whisky please barman.
  • Bradley  Waters
    by Bradley Waters 5 days ago
    A lot of low water flyers at the PNW fly-in this year. I had the sense to fly high over unfamiliar rough terrain when I went in.
  • monty stone
    by monty stone 5 days ago
    Makes sense to me Bradley .
  • John Olson
    by John Olson 3 days ago
    Yet another tragedy in a 912 trike. When was the last disaster in a 2-stroker?
  • Leo Iezzi
    by Leo Iezzi 3 days ago
    Same here Bradley. It was very unforgiving terrain in most places.
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