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Published by: Rizwan Bukhari on 12th Sep 2017 | View all blogs by Rizwan Bukhari

Hi all,


I have a question. On the Northwing website, they sell active Hang Blocks (pictured below). I don't know anything about them, other than that the A frame attaches directly to the Hang Block.


According to Northwing,

"The new Active Hang Block provides even more positive stability in rough air, requiring less control-input from the pilot, and also gives lighter handling pressures while initiating turns".

Does it really make a lot of difference. If anyone is using them then I would like to hear your comments and views about it.






North Wing - Active Hang Block improves handling even more!



  • Bradley  Waters
    by Bradley Waters 10 months ago
    Airborne has mounted the down tubes like this for years... and others. Nothing new here.
  • Rizwan Bukhari
    by Rizwan Bukhari 10 months ago
    I guess my question is that does this really make a huge difference, if that A frame is attached to the hang block?
  • Larry  Mednick
    by Larry Mednick 10 months ago
    Fixed A frames can be found on wings like the Profi TL, all older NWs, Airborne's nanolight and many others. The norm is having a shifting a frame as already mentioned. It does make the roll pressure noticeably lighter.

    What's nice about the eyebolt fitting design is the joint is almost just as strong at every angle. Where as many other designs are strongest only with the A frame centered. Also this design uses a thick walled tube that is more likely to bend if it impacts the hang block from over banking in an extreme or negative maneuver. Where as on other designs the down tubes could impact, then kink and break. One manufacturer has even installed a limit stop to limit HB rotation to stop the down tubes from impacting. Again this is all talking about tumble type scenarios.

    In any case the NW HB design has some structural benefits over some of the other designs.
  • wexford air
    by wexford air 10 months ago
    Think about it a little Rizwan, stand in front of the wing when it's level and look at the angle the a-frame makes with the wing. Now tilt the wing all the way to one side and look at the angle again (for each a-frame upright) then think about what affect this has on wing shape. Answer in 100 words or less
  • Jim Garrett
    by Jim Garrett 10 months ago
    Hi Riz, I have the northwing quest gt5 and updated it to the active hang block. It is very helpful in thermals and it does turn easier than the old setup. I am not the expert like others here but do know it has improved my flying during the busy afternoon thermals and gusts. I watch it work and the wing moves but I don't. Feels like a shock absorber and is not telegraphed to the trike. I now take off at 2pm instead of 4pm to fly now. I get more airtime.
  • Rizwan Bukhari
    by Rizwan Bukhari 10 months ago
    Thanks Larry, Wexford and Jim for your response. Wexford, I will try to think about it when I go to the hangar next. Jim, wow, the improvement is this significant? That is amazing.
  • Bradley  Waters
    by Bradley Waters 10 months ago
    The first Aeros Still 17's that came in here all had the down tubes mounted to the hang block. I didn't think anything different because all the Wizards that were here at the time, were the same way. All hard to get the hang bolt in when mounting the wing to the trike. Boy when Aeros started shipping the wings where the down tubes were connected to the keel...that was a real pain saver! No more twisted bracket trying to put the bolt in! As for handling I could not see any difference, but then again I did not keep a wing long enough to see any difference.
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