16 hr weight shift inspection class

Published by: tom speirs on 18th Feb 2012 | View all blogs by tom speirs
NEIL BUNGARD  is having a course on March 17 18 in Albuquerque to enable you to do you annual sign off for details call him on 520 572 1482...this is about the only one this year in this area see ya there



  • Lee Schmitt
    by Lee Schmitt 6 years ago
    thanks for letting us know about this. i want to take a course but i can't make this one. if anyone knows of other offerings (especially closer to alabama) please share with the group.
  • tom speirs
    by tom speirs 6 years ago
    There will be one in denver late spring early summer if you want I can keep you posted of firm dates tom
  • Steve Appleton
    by Steve Appleton 6 years ago
    I would be very interested in attending a course anywhere in the SE. Albuquerque is just a bit to much expense.
  • John Olson
    by John Olson 6 years ago
    How much does this course cost?
  • Carson Pryor
    by Carson Pryor 6 years ago
    yes I am very interested... you can count me in... I booked my flight reservations this afternoon.
  • tom speirs
    by tom speirs 6 years ago
    Great see you there ...more the merrier
  • Rizwan Bukhari
    by Rizwan Bukhari 6 years ago
    Anyone knows what the cost for this course is? I might be able to join. If it is too expensive then probably I should save for the next class.
  • Rizwan Bukhari
    by Rizwan Bukhari 6 years ago
    In plans, more than 50 percent chance that I might attend this one.
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