Dec 17th

bah humbug!

By monty stone

seasons greetings ( politically correct ) and merry christmas to all 'floppy-wing' fliers, and if you've been good, there just might be a bright shiny new 'revo' under your tree, monty. ps. i thought i was wrong once, but i was mistaken.

Dec 9th

How do you like the current WAG 2015 - Dubai - Microlight/Trike competition course and task format.

By Tony Castillo

What are your thoughts regarding Trike/Microlight competition and what should the course be like, and what tasks included so it is a safe and more even competition for all trikes of similar characteristics.

Here is the course, as I understand it begins with a distance measured take off, a fast run around pylons, a fast pass for speed measuring, then climb to 1000 and engine off precision landing. Each task is judged and poits awarded (or taken out).


Microlight / Trike Course - 2015 WAG Dubai

Dec 7th

Help w/questions about building my own WSC Aircraft

By Jerry Wilbur

When bulding a dule searter/Cross Country WSC:

What size and type of aluminum, engine, wing, where should I start?

Dec 6th

the project

By monty stone

one day, i had an idea. i went out into the garage and built it. the end.

Dec 6th

Todd Ware's comment on QuikR's wing

By Abid Farooqui

I asked Todd Ware how he likes the QuikR wing from P&M. His comment was interesting and is below:


"Abid. Great stable wing for speed and cross country trips. Is hardly effected by turbulence. However for racing and tight turning.... I was telling the Britts today that to really pitch up around a tight turn feels like I have to bench press a baby cow! They all laughed and said they have a similar phrase for it, "if you're not lifting a steer you may be a bit queer". 

HUGE Pitch pressure, and high roll pressure. After a minute and A half race I feel like I've been at the gym for an hour. 
But that also makes it usually stable at high speeds. It's a well behaved rocketship but hard to turn. 
Also if you are going slow it will pull to the left and if you're going fast it pulls to the right so you're constantly having to wind the role trim knob if you fly at different trim speeds. But of course while racing you just don't have time to do that. So you just go fast all the time. Also while going slow the role pressure increases drastically. 
It's nearly physically impossible to get the control bar within 3 inches of the compression strut. 
If I raced it all the time I would look like Arnold Schwarzenegger. 
But for beginners and normal flying, I think it's a superior wing."


Nov 29th

Continued Operational Safety Report for LSA (including Trikes) by FAA

By Abid Farooqui

Here is the report after 2014. Good read and trends on what is going on with safety and LSA including trikes in the US market. Have a read and feel free to discuss and comment

Nov 25th

2008 Airborne 582 SLSA for sale

By Rebekah S

AIRBORNE XT SLSA 582 TUNDRA • $19,999 • FOR SALE $19,999OBO, Airborne XT582, 310 hours, 15 hours since TBO in August 2015, Lynx helmets, removable winter windshield, upgraded solid axles, trainer bars and back seat steering, LED strobe excellent condition, maintained by Aircore Aviation in Arlington, stored in temperature controlled hangar, flies in northwest Washington (less UV than the southern states). •  located Seattle, WA USA • Telephone: 3606470960 email


Nov 9th

Could a more hybrid delta wing (some rigidity & added-control surfaces) be in the future for trikes?

By Tony Castillo

Prandtl-D Aircraft by NASA's Armstrong Flight Research Center, in Edwards, CA, could this be the future for some of our trikes?


Oct 30th

"chu are in a lot off trobble" ( second bit, not first bit)

By monty stone

where was i, oh yeah, the hit swung me down off the road into the rocks, cactus and pucker brush carelessly left alongside my landing strip.  as soon as my neurons advised me i was gonna die i activated plan 'ohshit' and gassed it hard (at least as hard as a 377 rotax can gas it!), and swung hard right up onto the road just in time to smack my right ( hitherto undamaged) wing into another sign planted alongside the other side of the road , also cunningly desguised as 'alluminum cactus' . (now, in my defense i was only 58yrs old so my logic systems hadn't kicked into the maturity phase, like they are now). i have this entire debacle recorded on tape, boy i used really bad language at that time! anyhow i taxied to the intersection where my buds, ( with my fresh underwear, etc.) showed up followed by an orange pickup with a big orange gumball light on the roof flashing away. you guessed it, the CAA commandante, anxious to meet me!. "why you land on the road", " chu are in a lot off trobble" he demanded. with unusual mental alacrity i answered, " commandante, sir, i had an in-flight emergency, both my wings started to fall off". i showed him both wings with bent and twisted bolluminum tubing, with ripped bedsheet everywhere. he acknowleged that there was indeed reason not to be  flying this device. (there also was a minimum $50 landing fee at the airport.). he said "can you taxi it? i readily agreed, he continued " but chu most wait for a police car, or" chu will be in a lot off trobble." i took the wing off tied it with bits of wire alongside the keel, then found the c/g so far aft the nose wheel was in the air, so i tied a 5g fuel can (full) under the rotax. the cop car showed up, a nice one (for the time) it had all the doors and headlights etc, (this was before hillery's husband came up with nafta and equipped all mexican cops with new white dodge pick ups. i'm proud to be american!). our motley crew set off for town, 9miles, the cop car, lights and siren blareing, a wingless ultralight follwed by a string of gringos on bikes and atv,s.  spectators didn't seem to be unduely alarmed by this spectacle, so it must occur frequently. the cop would't go quite fast enough and my prop was getting really close to his shiny trunk lid, i had no brakes so did the only thing i could. i shouted " onderlay! onderlay". i dunno what it means but he did speed up a bit. i only had rudder one way due to the wing laid alongside it so, with the by now fairly strong crosswind  control was 'iffy' , but eventually we made it to the motel, where i thanked him and gave him $20 for his skilfull 'herdsmanship. and it was a lot less than a new prop and a cop's trunk lid, yep, i woulda bin " in a lot off trobble" monty












Oct 30th

"chu are in a lot off trobble" ( part one, first bit, duh, me)

By monty stone

i've ridden dirt bikes in baja, mexico, since 1984, so when in 1993 i announced that i was 'gonna fly my weedhopper ultralight down the 1000mile peninsular no-one figured it worth advising a'gin it. (my mind's made up, don't confuse me with facts). after all, haveing an IQ and hat size similar explains the logic behind this decision. my 'hopper' was duly tied on top of a trailer load of bikes and atv,s with the 2 blade prop secured horizontally to avoid damaging any over-passes on the 1500mile road trip from seattle to san felipe, baja, mex. on arrival in san felipe we unloaded the trailer and while my buddies were busy quaffing mexican beer and watching i 'erected' (it did take close to four hours, shoulda sought medical advice!) my weedhopper' flying surfaces, pretty simple no aelerons to screw with  and with no parts left over decided to test fly it. the temps were arround 100deg f and the black anodized tubing almost too hot to touch the assembly was not fun. my chosen runway was a patch of fairly flat dirt along side some BIG bushes, behind the motel. i never saw the large rock but my left wheel did, the hit swung me (and the plane) hard left into a really big bush. now that 8ft mexican scrub bush had never been attacked by a big prop spun by a 30hp 377 rotax before so amidst a big shower of woodchips etc, i contined the takeoff. my admiring buds renamed my plane 'weedwacker'. (refer to the single digit IQ for this decision!) i wobbled arround the area, unknowingly exciting the local CAA commondante, who, i learned was 'anxious to meet the 'flying gringo'. i landed and paid a local $5 to hide my plane behind a big wall alongside the motel. the next morning my buds and i lined up on the blacktop road outide the motel, which, though rougher than the dirt didn't have bushes and rocks on it. BUT it did have lots of wires overhead, about every 30ft. i couldn't see a gap big enough to squeeze through so swung hard right between two big wooden utility poles and  over relatives of the bush that i had attacked the day before. i climbed up to 300ft, to clear the 299ft sand hill alongside the road and pointed the sharp end south. i had a cb radio strapped to my leg, and with typical msms (monty stone's moronic stupidity) had not tried it with the engine running. couldn't hear a thing, except 'seized up!'. well. my buds were carrying my spare underware etc on their bikes, so i had to try a rescue! by now the breeze was picking up off the water, sea of cortez, gulf of mexico,  so i set it down on the spur road signposted 'the san felipe international airport'. i was kind-of target oriented on the center line of the rather narrow road, completely ignoring the powerlines alongside the road . (i hadn't seen em, more MS.) I set down. that's when a big road-sign, cunningly disguised as an alluminium cactus reached out and grabbed my left wing tip. cont....