Oct 10th

when are 'they gonna'.

By monty stone

when are 'they' gonna quit putting power cords on portable tools, why not fit each tool with a twist-lock socket, that way you'd only need ONE power cord, it'd alleviate any possible copper shortage, and we could then 'stuff' more tools in our drawers. when are 'they' gonna quit telling us to be sure to smear never-seize on our rotax exhaust joints when 'they' know that the first flame front will burn it out, immediately. when sales adds proclaim 'was $29!, now reduced to $9. it wasn't selling at the 'old' price, maybe over-priced at the 'new' price. do 'they' think we're the gullible stupidos 'they' think we are? maybe we are! why do we ask (usually strangers) "how are you" ?, when we REALLY don't give a rat's arse how 'they' are, and if they try to tell us how they are we interupt , quickly, and make a mental note NEVER to be sociable to anyone ever again! aviators refer to their 'control area ' as a 'cockpit', this seems to defy the present day 'let's be gender-specific world' so what should a female pilot's control area be called? .... when meeting 'furriners' for the first time i always get them to teach me their best swear-words. being able to swear in many different lingos has landed me into, and out of, several 'sticky' situations!  we have, on occasion, discussed what it is that we fly, resulting in 'they' refering to them (fed speak) as 'flexible-winged aircraft of the weight-shift variety', when we all know they'r really TRIKES! when are 'THEY' gonna get it right!..............frazier ballzoff

Sep 25th

Mechanical vs Electric fuel pump on a 912 80hp

By Rizwan Bukhari


Hi everyone,


I have a question for 912 Trike Owners. I am trying to learn more about 912 80 hp engine Trikes. What kind of fuel pumps do you use on your trike? My guess is that most are mechanically driven diaphragm fuel pumps.


And if so, do you think it is a good idea to have a backup electric fuel pump? I just sold my HKS trike and it had electric fuel pump. And I liked the peace of mind that I had Electric fuel pump as a backup (should for some reason the mechanical pump failed).


Do you 912 80hp trike owners feel as strongly about an additional back up electric fuel pump? or is it too paranoid to think that way :D




Thanks for your help.



Sep 8th

Triple Tree (Who's going?)

By Charles Moore

This weekend is the annual Triple Tree fly-in located near Woodruff, S.C.  Last year we only had one trike attend. Doug Boyle with his Tanarg. This year looks to have a few more trikes flying in. As of now (1:15pm 9/8/16) Doug should have already arrived, Tony Ford and Fred Snyder are coming, John Williams from VA in his Revo (hope I got his name right), a gentleman named Quinn with a Delta Jet (I think), Todd Halver is flying down Friday afternoon in his new Tanarg, Chris from GA is supposed to be bring an Aeros Ant and I plan to leave at first light to fly down in my XT. Did I miss anyone? 

Sep 7th

80hp vs 100hp trike

By Rizwan Bukhari

Hi all,


I am just curious about 80hp vs 100hp trikes. Is 100hp too much engine for trikes? For example, an Air Creation, Airborne, Northwing, Delta Lite, would they significantly benefit from a 100 hp motor?

In the past when I flew with my instructors of friends who had a four stroke trike, it was always a 80hp engine and seemed to do just fine.


Can someone please shed a light on this, is there a significant benefit of a 100 hp engine over a 80hp engine, if you are flying from lets say 2400' elevation.









Sep 1st


By Todd Halver
AIRBORNE XT-582 SLSA • $21,750 • DON'T MISS OUT • Look no further for your first or next trike! This 2008 Airborne XT-582 with Cruze wing has been meticulously maintained (335 total hours) and is certified for flight training. N569DL is powered by a Rotax 582 (recently overhauled by Aircore Aviation). Aircraft is equipped with oil injection, intake silencer, Micro Air VHF radio, strobe, SkyDat GX2 EFIS, and BRS (new 9/14). Enjoy NEW Flycom intercom, radio interface and two helmets ($1,200 value) for comfort and performance. This is a value-priced quality aircraft that you can be confident in flying both locally and cross country. Contact Todd Halver - PAPA TANGO AVIATION, located WinstonSalem, NC USA • Telephone: 336 558-6800.
Aug 24th

ADS-B Compliance in the USA

By Heather Davis

Does anyone have thoughts about economical and practical ways to become ADS-B compliant? We've got until 2020, but avionics folks will be inundated as the deadline approaches. I'm motivated as I regularly fly inside the SFO veil. This is the cheapest option I've found: http://www.navworx.com/ADS600EXPDescription.php It needs to connect with a transponder (A/C & with an altitude encoder) and ipad. I'm curious if new trikes are already equipped.

Aug 23rd

P&M, Pegasus and Mainair Owners

By Tony Castillo

P&M, Pegasus and Mainair Owners:




There are NEW Service Bulletins posted in the Downloads section of the P&M manufacturer's web page. These are dated June 29, 2016. Specifically SB 135 to 139.

Please make sure to check the Download section often, and to comply with all issued airworthiness and safety directives and bulletins that apply to your particular aircraft, model, and keep records of compliance in your a/c maintenance manual.


The direct link:


You can also get to that same section from my webpage:


Please contact us if you have any questions or need assistance.

Tony Castillo



Aug 8th

Video, Picture and content police.

By Paul Hamilton



Everyone has their different opinions about what should be posted on this or any other trike web site.


I would like to hear from the collective group of where the video, picture, and content police should ban and/or attempt to disallow trike content.


 Other sports are not critical of this but shoul;d we as trike pilots draw a line as to what we and the public should see?


 Should trike content be banned/shunned that:




1. Shows a trike without a visible landing area?


2. Bank or attitude out of the manufacturers limitations?


3. Formation flying?


4. Flying in high or bumpy winds?


5. Ground skimming?



6. Flying near a cloud?


7. Flying in crowded airspace?


Jul 26th

How to find Trike instructor or trike pilots near you.

By Paul Hamilton

Always being called from people who are looking for trike pilots and instructors near them.

I send them to


Please send people here to find the most updated pilots/CFIs, add your self to the map, and let me know if this represents your area. People are especially looking for flight instructors to get started. I personally do my best to keep this updated with the most accurate information.

e mail me at paul@SportAviationCenter.com if you have any updates.