Jan 25th

NorthWing Solairus Trike

By Ari Miller
I just received delivery of a new Solairus Trike from Northwing. The Solairus took about a 11 months from order to delivery and wanted to my post my observations and provide feedback to other trike pilots.
Dec 23rd

Blast from the Past

By Paul Hamilton

My first trike was a hang glider that I beefed up and rebuilt a “Bennett” trike undercarriage in 1981 with a single cylinder Solo engine, I think about 22 HP. Than the Cosmos with a Rotax 503 50 HP, than an Apollo Monsoon 582 with 65 HP, and now 2  Revo’s with 100 HP engines (the 912iS is for sale).


The Cosmos has “come back” to Reno/Carson after 4 years. One of my students bought it after it had 2 other owners. I flew it yesterday for the first time in 4 years. What a blast from the past. That little 503 purred like a kitten. I know everyone things bigger, heavier, more powerful, but the simple joy of flying a light, two stroke still is a kick. The wing is just as I remembered it. My Apollo Monsoon is still here as another student learns to fly and getting ready for solo.


Now there are  all 3 generations here and it is fun to see my students loving my previous trikes. They all fly great and it is fun to still be flying them.  

Dec 21st

How to fly a 912 iS engine. Any help appreciated.

By Paul Hamilton
I am getting ready to test fly the 912iS engine on the renvo and I can follow the Rotex instructions OK but how do pilots who really fly it interoplate the checklists. What does it all mean.
 What are the important aspects of the 912iS that I should know?

Dec 21st

New Facility for Engineering and Assembly - SilverLight Aviation

By Abid Farooqui
SilverLight Aviation is starting the new year (2014) by opening a new 7700 sq. foot facility in Zephyrhills, FL for Aircraft Engineering contracts and for trike and gyroplane assembly and builder's assist.
The facility will have 1800 sq. feet of covered AC'ed space for engineering work stations and design work and the rest will be left open for assembly of Apollo trikes and builder's assist for gyroplane and new development.

We wish everyone here happy holidays and a blessed new year.
Abid Farooqui
Dec 20th

How to ship the wing across the country

By Rizwan Bukhari

Someone in Florida is interested in buying my wing. I live in Idaho. Does anyone know a way to ship a wing that distance and make sure it makes it in one piece?


Dec 17th

Mako 15 wing

By Rizwan Bukhari

Is there anyone on trike pilot who has flown the new Mako 15 wing by Gibbo Gear. So far I have heard only things about it's handling and performance. But I would like to talk to someone who has experienced this wing for their first hand account.

I have saved up enough to buy a new wing, now I am just trying to do some in depth research.


Dec 11th

How to enjoy cold weather flying... Mexico style.

By John Olson
FreeMexicanAirforce.jpgMy amigos with the Free Mexican Airforce will sell you a...

Well, I can't say it... But it's a 4-letter word.


Dec 5th

FAA changing Part 23 to ASTM F44 sub-committee consensus

By Abid Farooqui
Some of you may not know but FAA is changing how GA aircraft will be certified in the future making it more reasonable. In future aircraft certification requirements will be based on complexity, traditionality of the design, systems based approach instead of a 8 seater turbo prop having similar stringent requirements as a 2 seater piston engine monoplane with traditional tail.
There is activity like a bee hive in F44 ASTM sub-committee.

Best read here as covered by Matthias Betsch and my good acquaintance Tom Peghiny.
Dec 4th

Vickers Aircraft - New amphibian airplane on the horizon

By Abid Farooqui
Finally this company's website has gone public. A very ambitious design with cutting edge composite structures and landing gear system that does not need re-tracting (works in land or water mode without re-positioning the landing gear). Custom formed new prop by Catto prop of Reno air races fame with vibration survey, a 180 HP Lycoming engine and Garmin EFIS and avionics stack.


Dec 1st

Next UPS - a decade from now

By Abid Farooqui
Future delivery of merchandise. FAA is currently working on regulatory framework on allowing pilot-less drones in the airspace (lower). This will happen within a decade everywhere. Your next home UPS truck. Read about it athttp://www.faa.gov/about/initiatives/uas/


So since some of you said that this will not happen because of this and that, I went looking and found that this is already happening on a limited test basis but there are already some signs of machine system problems that will have to be worked out. For example, look at the picture below from a test delivery in the UK by Amazon.